Eli Manning looks at stuff

Photo Parodies: Eli Manning Looking at Things

Eli Manning looking at things in Hoboken New Jersey - Eli Manning looks at stuffAs some of you may have seen – the photo-heavy UK website The Daily Mail published astonishing photos of Hoboken and the Hurricane Sandy flooding aftermath and recovery.

Included in those photos was a “dejected-looking” Eli Manning (who lives in the Hudson Tea Building) taking a pic of the flooded lobby after Hurricane Sandy.

But someone decided to have fun with that image and create a Tumblr Blog called Eli Manning Looking at Things.

They played with this rather pedestrian photo of Eli Manning, but in all sorts of situations!

While it sounds like people with a lot of time on their hands, some photos are quite funny, and others might even be NSFW!

Eli Manning Looking at Things examples - Eli Manning looks at stuff

What would Eli Manning look at in Hoboken, NJ?

I decided to have some fun with this myself. What do you think the best things Eli Manning could look at in Hoboken are?

I personally think he’d make a great field reporter for Hoboken411 if his knees or arms ever gave out. See gallery below of what it’d look like here in town… (sort of like a “Where’s Waldo!”) Feel free to send yours in to Hoboken411@gmail.com!

Have fun!

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elis home is just about finished in Mawah..Up there people have power and not punching
the crap out of each other over gas..people are in the street freezing and in staten island
radio states people raiding dumpsters food stores disposed of that were frozen.bamma
where the hell are you..Fema,is taking long..imagine if that mayor of new orleans lay
blaim on bush..who do we lay blaim on? scarey..the churchs are assisting those to charge their cells food coffee and also charge their souls..bless you people..


Love it! It really is the modern day waldo! I’m going to brainstorm with my graphic friend for some fun ideas. Even a cardboard cutout you can use at weddings or other parties.