Letter: Kindness and disappointment

Community comes together after Sandy in Hoboken, NJ

Hoboken411 reader Chris shares some good and bad events that took place in wake of Hurricane Sandy in Hoboken.

“To get out of my apartment, I walked around to see what was going on with our community. One shot from the corner of 11th & Bloomfield, you can see generous neighbors set up free charging stations so people without power can get back online with their mobile devices.

Others I walked by, people set up free coffee and tea stands, along with bowls of candy for the kids.”

Community cell phone charging in Hoboken NJ - Letter: Kindness and disappointment

“It looks like one big block party and I think it’s great how it symbolizes the “feeling of community” within Hoboken.” (411 note: I applaud when residents voluntarily offer charging stations – as opposed to those who steal electricity without permission…)

Chris continues…

“On Washington, Amanda’s Restaurant was giving out free food. I didn’t get any but it looked like “spaghetti sandwiches.” What nice people they are!”

Amandas gives out free food after hurricane sandy in Hoboken NJ - Letter: Kindness and disappointment

Taking advantage of the community in Hoboken?

“On the other side of this, I went to Molfetta Pizzeria to order a large garlic pie. The lady rang me up as $18. I asked her again, how much? Because on Sunday night before the storm, I ordered the same thing which was only $14.50. Now I realize this is only a difference of a few dollars which is nothing to me, but I was more irked by this on principle.”

Molfetta Pizza price gauging in Hoboken NJ after Hurricane sandy - Letter: Kindness and disappointment

“You have Amanda’s down the block giving out free food and Molfetta is price gouging customers (repeat customers, mind you). The line was an hour long for Molfetta, and they jacked up their prices. I just can’t believe it was true.

Just wanted to share my disappointment, but also the kindness of others in our community.


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On the other hand, Sobsey’s opened the day after the storm. They didn’t have power. I lived on that side of town for about 6 years, I used to shop at Sobsey’s all the time. They tend to run a little pricy but are well worth it. The day after the hurricane I was able to buy a bag of assorted foods (apples, oranges, organic fru fru pop-tarts, chips, drinks, stuff that was not pb&j or canned!) He charged me $19.00 for the entire bag of food. Much Much less than his normal prices!!! Thank you Sobsey’s!!!


Liberty was over charging as well. We are in there all the time as it’s across the street from my apt. They posted a sign that said something about food and cold beer so I ventured in. I was charged $34.00 for 2 orders of fries and 2 orders of chicken bites. The size of the orders wouldn’t have constutied one normal order size for this bar. The chicken bites were a half a chicken cutlet cut up into little pieces. Both orders combined may have made up one small chicken cutlet and a very small order of fries. Absurd!


In fairness to Mamouns they were operating on a generator and staying open late night most of the time they were marking up prices so my friends and I didn’t feel like it was a terrible move on their part, especially when you consider some of the other disgusting cash grabs and non-helpers in town. Someone already called out “Hoboken’s own” cake boss and a friend told me that the W has been no better. The only operational hotel in town made no use of their common areas or ball room as relief centers and did not only make no effort to offer discounted housing, in many instances the price of rooms went way up. Tutta Pasta isn’t being mentioned but they were offering free hot dogs, hamburgers and sausage and peppers off the grill out front of the restaurant yesterday which was nice to see. Folks at Johny Pepperoni’s were fantastic to me and my friends as well letting us charge up with free coffee and the owner even brought out water for my dog. Thankfully it seems like the good has far outweighed the bad, Hoboken’s residents should consider themselves proud in my estimation.


Nice to see so many people providing for their neighbors and giving back to the community that has given them so much.

Speaking of which…..where’s the Cake Boss?!?!?!!

You would think for all the millions we put in his pocket that he could show up through the tough times to lend some hope and encouragement……maybe a cupcake and coffee???

But I guess we can all wait till he shoots the episode where he puts on a benefit to aide those who lost everything in the storm and makes out like the Hoboken hometown hero again (to all those who live outside Hoboken anyways) – trust me, that episode is coming!

Asking him to come down at this point is just too far below him. Once we get everything all cleaned up and restored though we should be sure to let him know and extend a lovely invite to come back and exploit our community again. Oh wait, it’s his community too, or was…….pretty sure the same community that did everything they could to help his family when they had little and were having tough times.

Hope he’s enjoying his new community with his new shop in the burbs……..the American dream…..selling out…….. :mrgreen:


My wife and I ventured out a few times and this what we discovered:

Karma Kafe – Basically giving away free food, and you can give a donation if you want. They even let us eat our food inside and they aren’t open yet.

Black Bear – Selling Boxed Mac and Cheese for 10 bucks… It wasn’t even the whole box. Total price gouging and I will never go back there.

La Isla – free rice and beans and chicken

Vito’s – cold chicken parm sandwich for 9 bucks and 3 dollars for a warm bottle of soda, kind of ridiculous

Cafe Michelina – open, full menu, huge portions, totally worth it if you want to spend some money

McSwiggans – serving mixed drinks in small plastic cups at full price… Better off buying a beer because you at least get your money’s worth.

It just frustrates me to see so many places giving out free or normal priced food, and others trying to make a profit. Please join us in boycotting these bad places and rewarding the generous and honest ones.