NoMoPhobia – how to prevent it

Hoboken residents become frazzled without smart phones

Cell phone charging during hurricane - NoMoPhobia - how to prevent itAs you’re fully aware, most Hoboken, NJ residents lost power during Hurricane Sandy.

And as you’re also (may) know, the addiction to technology is fierce. They even have a psychological term for being without your phone: NoMoPhobia.

So much so – that I saw two teenage girls on Hudson Street “steal” electricity from a brownstone who had an external AC outlet. They didn’t just stumble on it causually – it was near the basement of this building.

That is theft as far as I’m concerned.

When asked if they obtained permission from the owners, they sheepishly said “no,” and scurried away.

That said – did you know there are plenty of affordable devices that can use readily available batteries that can keep your (much needed) smart phone charged in times of need?

American Red Cross Hand Crank Cell Phone Charger (with flashlight)

American Red Cross cell charger - NoMoPhobia - how to prevent itThis American Red Cross cell phone charger is the best of both worlds when it comes to emergency situations.

Not only does it have juice to charge your phone – but it’s also a flashlight!

At only $15 bucks – you’d probably want to pick up two or three of these (and yes – it takes a little effort, but get over yourself and your technology addiction. Maybe you’ll appreciate it more now?)

But having multiple of these helpful techno-tools serves more than one purpose.

Highly recommended.

AA Battery Emergency Charger

Neewer USB AA charger cell phone - NoMoPhobia - how to prevent itI happen to really enjoy this device.

The Neewer Portable AA Battery Powered Travel Charger really works great. And it’s mere POCKET CHANGE TO PURCHASE!

Simple two AA batteries, plus any USB cable (with the exception of the newest iPad), and you can get nearly a full charge off just two teeny batteries!

This is great because you’re not reliant on charging something prior to using it. If you have any alkaline or NiMh batteries lying around, it’s instantly available.

I’ve used this frequently with great success. (Oh, and it has a minimal LED flashlight that may work in extreme urgent situations as well!)

Duracell Powermat USB Cell Charger

duracell powermat - NoMoPhobia - how to prevent itThis is a bit more fancier – but seems to have great customer reviews.

The Duracell Powermat Charger apparently has more “juice” than your average ordinary charger, which may prove beneficial to you in extended periods of power outages.

However the Neewer charger I mentioned above technically is indefinite because of the replaceable nature of AA batteries provided they’re available.

Either way – it’s amazing that so many people went berserk because of their technology addiction.

Perhaps I’m in a glass house here, because we didn’t experience power disruptions – but no matter what way you look at it – I was prepared nonetheless.

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What did they steal? 50 cents of electricity?