Greasy Hoboken Drains


A couple Washington Street businesses who wish to remain nameless, were complaining this week about how at each Arts & Music festival, many of the food vendors totally disrespect our city infrastructure.

Namely, the sewers. A food vendor was seen dumping gallons of grease down into this drain on 6th and Washington St. Just like arteries, our sewer pipes can also get clogged up with this goopy, oily crud. They were not given citations by the city.

Maybe the festivals are the reason we have so much flooding?


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its not ocd, i just dont like it when i cant keep all the toth picks perfectly aligned in the container…….

ron mexico
ron mexico

Looks like someone skipped his OCD meds….


[quote comment=”46888″]Anybody know how to file a complaint with the NJDEP? They ought to have an enforcement officer up here during these festivals handing out tickets.[/quote]



really, i never see anyone with a bucket and scrub brush cleaning up properly, just picking up the fecal mater and leaving the liquid is hardly cleaning up……

Tama Murden

Re 11.winesnob: How about the painting-with-a-broad-brush allegation, winesnob?

SOME dog owners behaving irresponsibly; not ALL “you dog owners.” So I do take issue w/your blanket statement, since I pick up after mine & dispose of the waste properly. And for the record, I’m a big bossy boots if I catch someone not picking up after their dog.

So, in that way, I share your concern—though not your sweeping generalization.

And I’ll grant you that there surely must be some dog waste that gets into the storm sewer, when it rains. And then mixes with the human waste in the sanitary sewer, when it floods.