Elks Club “Fun”

More incidents at Hoboken Elks Club

Remember that massive melee at the Elks Club that Hoboken411 covered over six years ago?

Well, we had a couple incidents last night at the Elks Lodge – one was an obese patron who “had trouble breathing” close to midnight, but didn’t have trouble giving EMT’s a hard time and needed a Hoboken cop to ride in an ambulance on the way to the hospital…

Then – as the night concluded, some other fracas broke out with some broads and dudes – as you can see in this raw video shot at 11th and Washington. Some “beeotches,” (according to their so-called enemies), got into a physical altercation in which one (barely legal) woman was allegedly assaulted by another man. She was eventually transported to the hospital for a “bump” on her head. She clearly refused medical treatment as you can hear later in the video – but ended up going anyway.

This brings up what I think is a larger societal question. Think about prohibition. That didn’t work. Then think about all the government regulations we now have related to alcohol consumption. Common sense on paper would think people would tread lightly when it comes to a dangerous substance and the grave consequences… but why do you think (despite regular “reminders”) that booze consumption isn’t better handled by the sheeple mass population?

Every single week – someone either:

  • Hurts another person (and gives revenue to the city if caught)
  • Does some damage somewhere (and again gives revenue if caught)
  • Commits thievery, damage (and may not get caught – causing loss of revenue to victim)

I think, that many “open bar” events often lead to idiotic circumstances.

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Joseph Augustine Cecala, 33, of the first block of Marine View Plaza, Hoboken, NJ, was arrested at 2:55 a.m. in the 3300 block of South Route 59 and LaCrosse Lane, police said. He was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, possession of oxycodone, speeding 30-plus miles per hour over the limit and failing to signal. His bail was $3,000.