Yapple’s Juice Fast Challenge


I heard a bunch of people signed up for the challenge. Did anyone here do it? How was it?

I couldn’t participate this weekend, but need a detox badly. Will do a two or three day juice fast soon!


Cleanse your body, raise money for charity, and even win tickets to an awesome event!

Yapple’s Beach Cafe, Hoboken’s uptown tanning salon & Juice bar has organized a fun event for Saturday 10/20 and Sunday 10/21. You can even sponsor Hoboken411, who’s done this Juice Fast voluntarily in the past. If you want to donate please email me with your name & donation amount.

You can download form here if you want to participate.

The Juice Fast Challenge


Objective: Commit to two full days of Juicing.

Get sponsors: Sign up sponsors to support your with a donation for the Valerie Fund (for children with cancer and blood disorders)

Juice!: Once the form is completed, bring to Yapple’s, and get your Juice Fast Challenge weekend schedule.

comedy-rocks-new-jersey-hoboken.jpgWin!: The 1st 25 participants to hand in this form with all 15 sponsors will Juice for free and have 2 chances to win a 4 FREE VIP TICKET PACKAGE TO COMEDY ROCKS NEW JERSEY at the PNC Bank Arts Center on May 4, 2008.

All other participants will pay a discounted registration fee of $20.00 and have 1 chance to win a 4 FREE TICKET PACKAGE TO COMEDY ROCKS NEW JERSEY at the PNC Bank Arts Center on May4, 2008.

Some of the potential attendees are Artie Lange, Blues Traveler, Sheryl Crow, Tom Petty, Tool, Jamiroquai, The Pretenders, and more.

If you want to participate, please download the Yapple’s Juice Fast Challenge PDF.

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ewwww.. a wheat grass drink? wheat grass is a foul liquid, and its health effects pretty much become inactive after only a matter of a couple of minutes of getting juice from the grass. so i dont see how a drink would even taste good or provide any health benefits.



Marketing takes all forms. At least they will be doing something that does some good for somebody else. I kind of like community based and charity based programs that support – something, anything. As a small business owner, I can tell you it costs $950 A MONTH for one of those bus stop posters on Wahsington Street. That’s why they are mostly filled with beer, alcohol and condo commercials. Most small businesses can’t afford that kind of promotion. This kind of marketing, while it may be a back hand promotion for Yapple’s, at least it is doing some good at the same time. I doubt if they are going to make a lot of money for themselves at $20 a pop for the two day fast. Don’t really care about the tickets to the comedy event but I’ve been wanting to try this fast so it kind of makes it a good time to step up.


Soooo…basically its a promotion so Yappie’s can finally get some business for their store that no one really goes to, under the guise of a charity event.

First 25 people get a *chance* for tickets to a comedy event with *potential* attendees.

Not trying to be ants at a picnic, but this sucks. any other disclaimers?


Uh Frank… Isn’t that WHEAT grass?

Then again one can only hope… 😉


The ginger and weed grass drink kicks ass! :mrgreen: