Top 3 Fall walking tips for morons

Lack common sense? Here are some Hoboken walking tips!

Fall and Winter in Hoboken offer the most challenging walking situations of the year. And especially as of late – with Hurricane Sandy blowing leaves and debris around, and Nor’Easter Athena making things even more slippery – perhaps some of you need to get some common sense knocked back into your head (nope, there is NO app for that!)

Below are some sensible tips on how to prevent an embarrassing fall (and worse off – a debilitating injury!)

Slate sidewalks are the worst!

Sidewalks made of slate – while aesthetically pleasing – are the most dangerous. In the autumn, the fallen leaves along with any rain can create a massive banana peel-like walking surface. It doesn’t matter what shoes you’re wearing (with the exception of ice spikes). I’ve seen countless people lose their footing, and even fall. Avoid at all costs (especially if you’re heads-down on your cell phone).

411 says: Owners of these properties need to be diligent and ensure NO slippery debris is on their property (you might and should be sued if anyone gets hurt). Heck, get rid of them entirely and use regular grippy concrete like the rest of the world.

Hoboken pedestrian tips in wet fall and winter weather - Top 3 Fall walking tips for morons

Asphalt paint is like butter when wet

Sure, technology has come a long way with these street paintings that are practically everywhere now (bike lanes, etc.) And wow! They’re even reflective to help idiotic drivers see where they’re going (aren’t headlights enough?)

Anyway – this walking hazard is bad all year round when it rains – and gets even worse as temperatures are around 32 degrees – as the water freezes sooner on these buttery surfaces. Avoid walking on them completely.

411 says: Again, we’d be better off without such fancy markings. These are even worse with flat shoes, too. Pay attention!

Hoboken pedestrian tips in wet fall and winter weather 2 - Top 3 Fall walking tips for morons

Corner “grips” are exactly the opposite in wet weather

You know those fruity padded corner nubs on many intersection crosswalks in Hoboken? What good are they, and why do we need them?

First of all – they’re on *slanted* surfaces – which means that when you walk down them, you have even a better chance to slip because of the angle! I feel they’re a complete waste of property taxpayer dollars and should be taken out of production.

411 says: There is only one benefit to these, that you stand a chance of falling ON them, and they offer a smidge of spine protection. Thank me now for avoiding them later.

Hoboken pedestrian tips in wet fall and winter weather 3 - Top 3 Fall walking tips for morons

Enjoy your weekend!

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