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Leo Pellegrini asks dog owners: What surface at Elysian Park?

As we told you recently – our local NJ Assemblyman Ruben Ramos scored some big bucks for an upgrade at Elysian Park in Hoboken.

And it seems like someone’s on the ball over at City Hall – and that’s Director Leo Pellegrini – who actually put up signs over at the dog run, asking residents to “vote by text” which surface they’d prefer. A nice (albeit impersonal) way to get feedback from residents.

Hoboken dog park poll - Dog Park Rocks[poll id=”187″]

I’d be a bit concerned that they had to mention “privacy,” though – and “promise” they’d never use the number again. If you start getting strange political calls – you probably got on some list. I wouldn’t put it past anyone these days – so use caution if you value your privacy.

Elysian Park Dog Dirt Poll - Dog Park Rocks

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Saturday, October 27, 2012 11:25 pm

Craig is absolutely right. This choice of worse options is s zimmerer scheme to say sheade the decidion to save the city thousands because no one responded. Then the city will hang further signs saying dogs are a health risk when she made the decizion not to use the most sanitary material means.

Friday, October 26, 2012 4:10 pm

The best answer is “none of the above”. They don’t even offer the option of the best solution, which is a product called “K9Grass”. It’s an artificial surface that closely mimics grass, but requires no maintenance and is very durable. It’s all-season, has an antimicrobial agent in the blades, and a draining feature, which allows pet waste to drain easily.

Its downside is that it’s expensive. But it ends up being cheaper in the long-run because you don’t have to do anything to maintain it and it’ll last for years. This product really is the best posible solution, as many other municipalities and pet care businesses can attest – which is of course why it’s not offered as an option in Hoboken.

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