Lamb on gas prices and liberals

Pat Lamb talks about teacher porn, Guantanamo & VP debate

Let me start off by saying I’ve received a few emails expressing negative opinions about our courageous contributor Patrick Lamb.

Sure, he’s not what you see on (brainwashing) network TV, nor has he been “programmed” by the powers that be. He’s just a normal guy with an opinion about the world we live in. Whether his sources are the internet, newspapers, or other horrible “Mainstream Media,” he offers refreshing insight to what is behind the headlines.

But what gets me is, that here is a guy that voluntarily shares his viewpoints, puts some effort into the process – and some people are so offended by the difference of opinion – that they get angry. Who the hell gets angry about other people’s opinions?

You think you’re better? Then start making your own videos! See how popular you get. See how consistent you can be. The fact that Pat consistently releases new, fresh content is a positive thing. I bet anyone else that tries this can barely make it past week two before they run dry with content.

That said – here’s this week’s Pat Lamb commentary – which is quite relevant considering the recent politcal events:

Pat talks about the latest NY gas prices and liberals!

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