Ramos: Funds for Hudson County Parks

Elysian Park upgrade: Green Acres Fund

A letter from your local Assemblyman Ruben Ramos – who is attempting to acquire some funds for Elysian Park to get upgraded:

Elysian Park upgrade Hoboken NJ Ruben Ramos - Ramos: Funds for Hudson County Parks

The Assembly Environment Committee released legislation that appropriates more than $55 million to Green Acres project throughout the state. The bill, A3369, specifically designates $3.75 million to projects in Hoboken, Jersey City, Union City, and Weehawken.

“I know how important open space projects are in densely-populated areas like the 33rd district,” said Ramos. “This appropriation will ensure that municipalities in Hudson County receive essential resources for creating and updating parks and other open spaces.”

The funds for these improvements come from the 2009 Green Acres fund and the Green Acres, Farmland and Historic Preservation, and Blue Acres Bond Act of 1995. In the 33rd Legislative District, funds will be specifically targeted to the following projects, which have been approved by the Department of Environmental Protection and the Garden State Preservation Trust:

  • Acquisition of the Union City Reservoir in Union City and Weehawken;
  • Development of the Hudson County Recreation Center;
  • Elysian Park in Hoboken;
  • Skyway Riverfront Park, and Paulus Hook Park in Jersey City

“Development of parks and open spaces is crucial for helping to increase the quality of life for everyone in urban areas,” continued Ramos. “This appropriation proudly acknowledges that the unique value of open spaces in urban areas is just as important as preserving open spaces in rural areas.”

Assembly Bill 3369 received unanimous approval from the Assembly Environment Committee and is currently awaiting consideration by the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

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