FedEx about to hurt Hoboken!

Hoboken shipping boxes cut back from FedEx

Not sure what people’s shipping preferences are these days (411 uses UPS for most), but it seems that Federal Express is “feeling some pain” here in Hoboken at this moment.

This box uptown at 14th Street had a notice that the only boxes (effective 10/1 – they can’t even get that straight) will be on 3rd Street.

Why are they slowly taking away our efficiencies? Cutting us off?

Fedex cuts back Hoboken NJ service boxes - FedEx about to hurt Hoboken!

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Monday, November 26, 2012 5:09 pm

The Federal Government can’t do anything right these days, can they!
Oh wait, we’re talking about a private business, not the U.S. Postal Service.

Fedex is removing drop-off boxes throughout the area, not just in Hoboken, actually. I guess they’re trying to cut back and save money. Personally I rather use USPS to ship over FedEx and UPS since the post offices are in Hoboken. Whenever I make the mistake of using UPS I end up having to schelp over to Seacucus and wait on a huge line to pick up my pacakge now that they don’t do the PATH truck anymore.

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