Radiohead: Doing it right

1/10/2008 Update:

Figured I’d throw this out there as a “final update” to this post.

Not that record charts mean much anymore, it’s interesting to note that Radiohead, despite offering their album directly through the web for download late last year, still topped the sales for the first week of 2008. Great for them!

Also, the tracks have been getting a lot of airtime for me more since my initial listen, and I have to say it’s a truly excellent album. It’s the type of album that goes perfectly with a nice giant pair of quality headphones. I’m definitely going to see them when the tour in the U.S., any Radiohead fans feel the same way? Group 411 trip anyone?

radiohead hoboken411 - Radiohead: Doing it right


I bought the album, and quickly listened to all 10 tracks. I’m having mixed feelings about it so far, as it’s not “clicking” with me like some of their previous works (amnesiac, etc). Here’s a sample of one of the songs. If you enjoy it, please go to their website and purchase the whole album.

File in the “good news, but nothing to do with Hoboken” category:

I’m a big fan of Radiohead, as they’re one of the few original bands I continually enjoy both on CD/mp3 as well as in concert.

A week from tomorrow, they will change the way music is acquired (legally) by offering their latest album release “In Rainbows” for whatever you want to pay for it (if at all!).

“Stick it to the Man, Radiohead!”

Here’s the report:

Radiohead tells fans to pay what they want for album

Radiohead, one of the world’s most influential rock bands, plans to sell its new album from its Web site as a digital download and let fans choose what they want to pay.

With music sales in decline globally for seven successive years, the industry is engaged in a debate over how best to reverse the trend.

Radiohead said its seventh studio album “In Rainbows” would be available from from October 10 in MP3 format, meaning it can be played on all digital devices. In the latest twist in the move to digital music, fans can choose how much to pay, or can pay nothing if they prefer.

The band will also offer a special edition boxed set for 40 pounds ($82) which will be available later and will include two vinyl albums, a CD version of the new album and a second CD with additional new songs, artwork and photographs of the band.

Music observers said the British five-piece, which is no longer signed to a record label, is able to sell directly to its fans because it has such an established support base.

“They are the first band to put their money where their mouth is,” Gareth Grundy, deputy editor of Q music magazine, told Reuters. “I think other bands that have been similarly successful will look and, if it is deemed to have worked, will do the same.”

The traditional music business model has been under pressure as piracy and the move to digital sales has cut into album revenues. A strong area of growth, however, is live music and any subsequent tour by Radiohead would be boosted by the interest generated by the album.

“The traditional business model had been ruined by the Internet,” said Grundy. “The industry is still trying to work out what on earth the new model or models should be and this is just one option.”

Radiohead’s digital or boxed set versions could be pre-ordered from the group’s Web site from Monday and a spokesman said the box set had so far proved the more popular.

The group is planning a traditional CD release of the album in early 2008.

A decision by U.S. music star artist Prince to give his latest album away free with a British newspaper was met with fury by retailers and the industry who said it undermined the value of recorded music.

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[quote comment=”61337″]I dont know anything about this bitrate business you guys are talking about, but I downloaded the cd and its one of their best, [/quote]

A sound is recorded by the computer – aka sampling. It splits the sound up into chunks of data, the more chunks or “bits” sampled per second means a higher quality recording. The trade-off is that the file is bigger. They max out at about 320 Bps, which makes 160Bps about average quality.


ooooh – hippie date!

radiohead is amazing. i’ll be at every area show.


phishphan: what’s up I’m a fellow phan(and from Philly area to boot. All too familiar w/ the eCentre.) Shoot me an email if you’ve got a minute-


I dont know anything about this bitrate business you guys are talking about, but I downloaded the cd and its one of their best, id imagine the quality would be better on a vinyl instead of my ipod though

I plan upon getting the released edition, apparently in that are 4 new songs that I’ve seen in their set lists before the cd even came out

As for seeing them live, I saw them once at Camden, i think in ’03, and both it and them sucked, I’m a big fan and it was going to be my first time seeing them, first off I was dumb for thinking it would be good at the worst acoustical venue on the earth, second they didnt seem to into it, it was on their first large american tour and i know they were hesitant to even come, no encore nothing, third camden’s acoustics suck and made it sound like shit

then when they came around again and did their theatre tour like 2 years ago i caught them at the tower in philly and the msg theatre thing, same place where they have nfl draft, and it was awesome, i hope they do a similar tour this time and try to keep it to small venues