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FURgeddaboutit Hoboken Dog Walking & Pet Services

I’ve known a lot of dog walkers in Hoboken over the years. Most of the time, you’ll find that they’re all pretty average, with some fringe cases where they’re not so good, and then the ones that stand out as exceptional.

The traits that exceptional dog walkers typically have in common is true passion and love for dogs. Not just passing the time or trying to make a “quick buck.”

Hoboken Realtor Maria Soprano has been involved with dogs for many years (including working with Liberty Humane), and she has started FURgeddaboutit Hoboken Dog Walking and Pet Services. She is one of those exceptional dog lovers and is undoubtedly a reliable care-person for your four-legged friends!

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FURgeddaboutit dog walking Hoboken NJ - FURgeddaboutit Dog Walking

Passionate Hoboken pooch-lovers at FURgeddaboutit dog walking

Maria Soprano classifies herself as a true animal lover (and owner as well.) Born and raised in Hoboken, she’s had pets all her life… Dogs, cats, turtles, hamsters – even a pigeon!

Maria Soprano Hoboken NJ FURgeddaboutit Dog Walking Pet Services - FURgeddaboutit Dog WalkingShe has over 3 years of professional walking experience (she’s bonded and insured), and has spent over 7 years involved with Liberty Humane. As far as her future aspirations, Maria said “My dream and goal is to eventually open a non-profit animal rescue charity. I’d love to have the opportunity to rescue animals that have been neglected or abused.”

“We can help you with all your pet needs whether you’re looking for daily dog walks, pet sitting, cat sitting, dog boarding, overnight in-home pet sitting, vet or grooming visits whatever it is, we will take care of you and your pet. If you require a special service which is not listed here, just let us know and we will be more than happy to accommodate your pet’s needs.”

Maria also doesn’t walk your dogs in large groups (unless the customer requests it), and will assign a dedicated walker for your dog. Not a whole impersonal gang of different walkers like other companies in Hoboken. This also will improve any security liabilities in your apartment. She rigorously vets out her walkers (background checks), and has established FURgeddaboutit company procedures they must follow.

FURgeddabout it also has online scheduling for their clients as well – with daily notes and other notable info about your pet (poops, incidents, etc.) Rates are inline with the local area standard, and she also offers sitting services as well. Check her out at www.furgeddaboutit.com or call her at (201)401-1509.

Description: Dog walking, pet sitting and other pet services. Cats included.
Address: Hoboken, NJ area
Online: www.furgeddaboutit.com
Phone: (201)401-1509

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Friday, March 1, 2013 3:07 pm

Become a FURgeddaboutit client today and get special discounts off of the following services:

-Hoboken Pet Company is giving 5% off of all food items & 10% off of all non food items
-Cozy Cuts Pet Grooming in Hoboken
-Have your pets portrait painted by Laura Maloney Art and get a discount just for being a client! 😀

Friday, November 30, 2012 3:03 pm

i cannot say enough good & nice things about this business & the owner!!!

i’ve had numerous bad experiences in the past with individuals who said everything i wanted to hear but were all talk. i’m not going to detail all my experiences but anybody who has hired dog walkers or pet sitters before already knows the various horror stories & i’ve experienced just about all of them.

maria, the owner of furgeddaboutit, is the most professional, caring, organized, mature, personable & responsible dog walker & pet sitter i’ve ever met.

she’s absolutely amazing & is the main reason why i’ve been able to keep my dog, who my family has had for 7 years, after everything that went on with hurricane sandy & the impact it had on my career, home, family & life, in general.

in just the few weeks since i hired her, maria, through her genuine compassion, concern, commitment & countless extra efforts in my, & my family’s, time of need, has gone from being a complete stranger to basically an extended member of the family.

i very highly recommend maria & have no doubt you will be pleased beyond your expectations if you give her an opportunity.

this is my first online review ever & i’m only doing it because of how wonderful maria is & the fact that others should be aware of, & benefit from, her phenomenal services.

thanks for reading & call or e mail maria now,

Sunday, October 21, 2012 12:34 am

I have known Maria Soprano for many years. She is the only person I trust to sit for my pets (Chloe a lhasa apso and my amazon parrot Lulu). She has been watching them for me for many years and they are always so happy and content when I return from my trip. It’s obvious that she gives them plenty of love and attention while I’m away. I highly recommend using her services, she is a true animal lover and very responsible. Congrats on the start of your new company.

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