Letter: Another Hoboken tradition gone

Hoboken takes away annual Halloween Haunted House from kids

When politics and the attitudes of those “in control” (using that term loosely)get in the way of family traditions and the character of Hoboken – you know you’ve got a problem.

First – the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade was canceled, and now it seems as if the bitter folks on the Board of Education have done another “good deed” for the kids & families of Hoboken by preventing a decades-old holiday event from taking place this year.

See letter below from council members Castellano and Russo…

Hoboken Haunted House in Jeopardy 2012 Board of Education - Letter: Another Hoboken tradition gone

BoE majority spitefully denies Halloween tradition in Hoboken

“This is to the Children of All-Ages in Hoboken and their friends and families.

It is with regret that we must inform you that WE WILL NOT be hosting our Annual Hoboooken’s Haunted House. This would be our 21st year of providing you with ghosts and goblins.

Unfortunately, we are unable to find somewhere we can hold the event.

We are very grateful to All Saints for letting us use their church on 6th and Willow Avenue. Reverend Curtis has always been kind to us. However, their Board voted to not allow us to use it this year. We understand, they are looking for someone to replace Reverend Curtis and are going through a transition and we are very grateful for the years that they allowed us to use their facility.

The Hoboken Board of Education has always allowed us to use their faculties. However, their committee seems to think because there are now 300 children in Demarest School that we shouldn’t use it. We’ve used Demarest in the past when the school was full. But the powers that be think it is not feasible.

We certainly appreciate all the years that we used the Gym, but we are very sad that we cannot provide this service to our residents free of charge. However if anyone knows of a place where we can Host our Haunted House from the 22nd of October until November 2nd please feel free to let us know.

Thank you all, and we hope that you have a safe and Happy HALLOWEEN.”


Councilman Michael Russo
Councilwoman Theresa Castellano

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Sunday, October 14, 2012 7:20 pm

Zimmer will take away Santa Clause riding on the Fire Truck this year, then next is Thanksgiving and New Years.

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