Pincus bringing down Kids First

Zoning Member Nancy Pincus is now Focus of Hoboken BOE Race

An anonymous political flyer surfaced that took aim at Hoboken Board of Education candidates Ruth McAllister, Jean Marie Mitchell, and Tom (say that three times fast) Kluepfel, aka “Kids First,” for their association with controversial Zoning Board member Nancy Pincus.

Nancy Pincus Hoboken NJ Midnight Flier Puppet 1

Pincus cries “foul” despite hate-mongering herself

Pincus is “crying foul,” claiming that it is “unfair” to bring her into the campaign. However, she continues to lash out at Kids First’s opponents and anyone who criticizes them on an almost daily basis. Also, in a story in local news rag last weekend, McAllister stressed the importance of “knowing who is backing the candidates behind the scenes.”

In the past, both McAllister and Mitchell have penned letters to paper thanking Pincus for her work as the graphic designer on their campaign. Part of her “artwork” included placing the faces of Kids First’s opponents in a punch bowl with a piece of human excrement.

Pincus regularly spends her time online attacking anyone who opposes members of the Kids First school board majority. The flyer references a lawsuit filed by Lane and Kimberly Bajardi for $2 million against Pincus, loser Roman Brice (and 10 other John Does).

Included in the court filings were references to Pincus’ comments on another low-trafficked site where she repeatedly urged others to contact the NJ Division of Youth and Family Services on the Bajardi’s to have their toddler forcibly removed from their home.

Why? Because she believed they were making posts that criticized Dawn Zimmer and Kids First.

In one posting Pincus even went so far as to say that if the couple’s son was taken away she would “adopt the sweet little dear. But he’s going to public school.” Kids First never condemned Pincus’ comments or behavior. Instead, they seem to encourage Pincus’ behavior and even find it funny.

Back in February, Pincus took her vitriol to Facebook. The first two people to welcome her were Kids First BOE member Irene Sobolov and Kids First’s Campaign Manager Deidre Wall. (see screenshots after the jump…)

Nancy Pincus Hoboken NJ Midnight Flier Puppet 2

Pincus is close to Kids First – yet denies involvement?

More recently, Pincus was present at Kids First’s campaign kick-off event sitting at the front of the room holding court with various zealots. And when The Wall Street Journal deemed Hoboken’s Schools the least desirable in the nation, Pincus rushed to the defense of Kids First labeling The WSJ “pornography.”

A Hoboken411 reader sent photos of Pincus, Ruth McAllister Jean Marie Mitchell, and Deidre Wall partying it up together at an unidentified function. Present in one of the photos is political supporter and failed Freeholder candidate Kurt Gardiner (who is also a puppet).

Despite claims to the contrary, all the evidence points to Pincus being an active participant in the Kids First campaign.

Will any of the candidates officially take Kids First to task over her involvement?

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Saturday, October 13, 2012 1:37 pm

Hear the corrupt Zimmer reformers are running scared for many reasons!

Friday, October 12, 2012 1:43 pm

Well actually Pincus supporting this failed “kid first” policy is a plus. Our children deserve the best, and any member on the board supporting this policy should be voted OUT in November elections.

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