Get out of your house, Hoboken!

Interesting Hoboken views are at your disposal

When you hear that Hoboken, NJ has over 50,000 residents (likely close to 60,000) – you wonder why you don’t see more people flocking to see the great NYC views, enjoying the waterfront breezes, and exploring the city they pay dearly to live in.

I, for one, notice that many residents love staying home. Inside their apartments, connected to the trivial TV programming or obsessed with mindless Facebook updates and so on.

Perhaps they don’t realize the stunning beauty that awaits them just steps from the comfort of their tiny apartments?

Unique waterfront Views in Hoboken NJ

Get out of your house in Hoboken – there is lots to see!

OK – since many of you might need some advice, here are a few example to get you started on the fascinating aspects of Hoboken:

  • Obvious: Walk the friggin’ waterfront! The Hoboken waterfront – albeit a bit destroyed and unsafe in areas – is still a great place to check out. Frank Sinatra ParkPier A ParkPier C ParkMaxwell Place Park and more. Enough to keep you busy all day!
  • Walk the strip: Check out Washington Street from top to bottom. Perhaps you’ll find a new favorite Hoboken restaurant?
  • Shop Hoboken: We all understand that the best deals are online (i.e., – but try to contribute a even a little bit to your town – and buy one or two things a month from a local Hoboken business! Plus, you might even find an affordable boutique that might service your needs better than chain stores.

But beyond just three random off-the-top-of-my-mind recreational bullet points, is the fact that you should INTERACT with other people more, ditch the phone (back pocket will do), and remember HOW TO MAKE EYE CONTACT!

Enjoy your weekend!

Oscar says lots to see around hoboken NJ

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