Kinkisharyo builds trains

Kinkisharyo International – 129 Grand St., Hoboken, NJ

Did you know that the manufacturer of the NJ Transit Light Rail trains has an office here in Hoboken at 129 Grand Street?

Even though Kinkisharyo International’s U.S. headquarters are located in Massachusetts, they have this local office as a support and maintenance center for the LRV-2024 models that are in operation here.

About Kinkisharyo International

“KINKISHARYO has been customizing solutions for urban transit agencies worldwide for as long as there has been urban transit.

After designing and manufacturing more than ten thousand railcars, we continue to build on the heritage of technological innovation and customer service that have made us the #1 supplier of low-floor light rail vehicles in North America. We know that each metropolitan area and transit system has needs beyond moving people safely and reliably. We tailor solutions to meet those needs.

From manufacturing to maintenance, from Dallas to Dubai, KINKISHARYO is delivering a full range of customer-focused, customized products and service that set us apart.”

One other reason they have an office here may be because they love making YouTube videos of the choo-choo trains going by. Who knows.

Description: Light Rail Train Manufacturer.
Address: 129 Grand St., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 888-4-SHARYO (888-474-2796)

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