Yankee Ferry Bed & Breakfast

The only floating hotel in Hoboken, NJ – The Yankee Ferry

If you thought the W Hotel was the only place you can “lodge” in Hoboken, you’re mistaken. We actually have THREE! (four counting the homeless shelter)

On top of the Hoboken Police Station (which has great day rates – especially for drunks – but gets especially busy around St. Patrick’s Day), we have the 1907 Yankee Ferry – which is a bonafide bed & breakfast!

I spoke with a couple from Nova Scotia – who was on vacation touring NYC, then off to Bermuda. The found the Yankee Ferry online, and figured it was off the beaten path, close enough to the city – and a unique experience. Rates were affordable (around $130 per night, two night minimum), and they said the beds were incredibly comfortable – and they slept soundly. A continental breakfast can be had for $12, but they spend most of their time sightseeing. For those that like the civilized commute – the NY Waterway Ferry is just steps away from the big city.

Ever having in-laws over in the future? Send them on the boat! Call (646)481-0490 for details. Ask for Victoria or Richard.

Yankee Ferry Bed Breakfast Hoboken NJ

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