Does Subway offer good values?

Subway “Buy One Get One” breakfast offer in Hoboken

I don’t understand these folks at the Hoboken Subway located at 418 Washington Street.

I was befuddled last year – when Subway offered foot-long breakfast sandwiches, but didn’t open till 9am – when most people were at work.

This one is even more nuts. A “super-special” for the month of October: Buy one – get one free, however, that is only until 9am. You see Subway must have gotten wind from my story last year, but their brilliant response was to push the opening up just half an hour. So you have precisely 30 minutes to get this deal (and that’s only weekdays!) However, if you’re a good negotiator, you can argue that that the sign meant 9am the next day…

Do these folks at Subway understand how to tell time?

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Corporate bastards with the smart alec plans…Probally same morons who think it’s ok for resturants to close for vacations ! Jerks 8)