Hoboken skate park negligence?

Skate park in Hoboken unsecured for nearly six months

For pretty much the entire spring and summer – the Hoboken Skate Park at 8th and Sinatra Drive has had a gaping hole in the rear fence, about 30 feet wide.

This means, that despite the park having restricted hours – that skaters have been able to access this park 24 hours a day.

Hoboken police do detail checks of this park several times a day, mainly during the hours they’re open. However, now they have to chase skaters away well into the midnight hours (and keeping HPD from patrolling more important areas in town.)

Priority mix-ups in Hoboken regarding parks – more liability?

Recently, Mayor Dawn Zimmer went on a little bit of a pre-packaged PR-campaign dubbing 2012 as the “Year of the Parks” in Hoboken. Citing some minor upgrades to said skate park as well as a few others. New surfaces, and so on.

However – it seems a bit disingenuous to tout so highly, when in the vicinity we still have crumbling parks – like the Soccer field at Sinatra Park – which has been out of service for Zimmer’s entire term in office.

But back to this skate park. You focus funds and energy fixing up a park that (mostly out of town) non-property tax-paying kids use – but forget to close the security hole in it that might possibly result in a seven-figure litigation if a kid gets hurt as a result?

If I were Mayor – that would have been fixed the day it became broken.

Oh well!

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7 Figure litigation? Doubtful. Skateboarders will hop the fence regardless, it’s lit up just enough over there to skate at night.


Those kids probably aren’t smart enough to sue if they hurt themselves.