City Council Meeting – 10/3/2012

Hoboken City Council Meeting of October 3, 2012

Again, you can look at how the city is spending money this week.

This may be a quicker meeting than usual, because the the council is punting on nine second readings because they bid farewell to Councilwoman at-large Carol Marsh last week. Our sources say she left because her “handler” (you know – the one that tells her what to think and say) has fallen ill. So in other words, she’s no longer a useful puppet. Now the council will vote for a replacement to cover the seat until June 30, 2013. Five votes are needed, and it’s likely Mayor Zimmer will nervously be on hand to be the fifth vote, then she’ll run bike home on the sidewalk.

Click here at 7pm to watch live video stream.

Hoboken NJ City Council Meeting October 3 2012 - City Council Meeting - 10/3/2012

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joey maxim
joey maxim
Wednesday, October 3, 2012 10:48 am

who is ill? regard the leaving of marsh?

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