Planter thievery in Hoboken

Swift Morris Interiors in Hoboken, NJ has planters stolen

Jeez, seems that people are very desperate these days. Swift Morris Interiors located at 1208 Washington St. had some very expensive antique planters stolen from the front of their property last week!

Owner Carol Swift had four nice planters in front of her store (worth over $1000 apiece retail), where she had a real “English Garden” going for many years, and three of the four were recently nicked in the middle of the night.

(The thieves left the one rotten by dog piss behind, how sweet of them).

She’s convinced that because of that fact, that she could rule out the garbage haulers, and it was definitely someone with a “better eye” for valuables.

Such a bummer you can’t even try to beautify the neighborhood without someone mucking it up. If perhaps you know who took them – give Carol a call at (201)656-5684 to help her get them back.

Swift Morris Interiors Hoboken NJ stolen plants - Planter thievery in Hoboken

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012 11:35 am

Someone recently stole a planted tree from in front of our building. I put a similar sign and some good samaritan planted a bush in its place.

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