Car Wash Fundraiser this Saturday


Where else can you get a car wash for $5 AND provide for a sick child in need of help?

Read below to find out how. It’ll be a nice comfortable weekend, so why not chip in and spruce up your ride at the same time?

“hi hoboken411!
first off, i love your site! it keeps me up to date with all things hoboken, my wonderful hometown!

while i’d love to sing your praises for this entire email, i actually have a request. i am attaching a document about an 7 year old child with cancer, her friends and family are going to be holding fundraisers to try to offset the costs of treatment. the first fundraiser is september 29, it is a car wash, i believe they are asking for a $5 donation, it will be held in front of the hoboken elks club. if you could post this on your site it will be greatly appreciated. thank you for your time.

have a great day!


ariana-rene-nisler-hoboken-artists-rendering.jpgAriana Rene Nisler

A Precious Gift
This is about my 7 yr old friend Ariana, up and until a few weeks ago all we talked about was how sad we were that summer was ending and school was just around the corner.

But Ariana won’t be coming back to school with me this fall, instead she’s undergoing Chemotherapy.

My friend Ariana was recently diagnosed with GBM – Glioblastoma Multiforme. Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is the most aggressive form of the primary brain/spinal tumors. We are hopeful that continuous treatment will help sustain her life, but as you know these treatments are expensive…

From spare change to a small donation
“A little bit can go a long way”

A Precious Gift
My Friend Ariana…

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