“I like Grass” T-Shirts

Get yours today!

From the Hoboken Southwest Parks Coalition:

I like Grass T-Shirts

“Buy an “I Like Grass.” T-shirt and help support HSPC!

T-shirts available in sizes:
Adult S, M, L, XL
Youth XS , S, M
*The 6 year-old girl in the photo is wearing a Youth XS

Each t-shirt is $25 and goes towards HSPC’s expenses, including attorney & planner fees and the expenses incurred with creating the SW6 proposal.

Available at the Hoboken Arts & Music Festival this Sunday the 30th, HSPC’s booth is on the GREEN BLOCK on Newark between Washington St. & Hudson St., near CVS.

You can also send a check payable to “Hoboken Southwest Parks Coalition” (along with your t-shirt sizes!) and mail to:

Nishant Amin, HSPC Treasurer
700 1st St. #9G
Hoboken, NJ 07030″


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I saw the shirts everywhere yesterday! I hope a lot of money was raised.


Don’t you all love how each of the threads spiral down to the same negative bulls*!t.

THE T-SHIRT IS COOL. And the fact that we’re having a “Green Street” at the Arts & Music Festival is great. Everyone should go check out who’s there, buy a t-shirt, and a hemp shopping tote (from the Quality of Life Coalition). Go green!


Are there any schools that cater to followers of the Flying Spaghetti Monster? (praised be his noodly appendage)



FYI – High Tech is a public magnet school located in North Bergen. It’s very competitive, and only accepts a handful (10- 20) of kids from Hoboken each year. It’s quite difficult to get into, but then again, maybe Hudson County “connections” get your kid in even if he/she’s not that smart.

I agree….I sort of feel as though the mayor, city council members, and especially school board members (and superintendents) should send their kids to our public schools. I guess many of them are pulling the “religious” card in that respect, to justify sending their kids to St. Francis in Union City. Doesn’t say much for Hoboken Catholic though!


[quote comment=”45758″]
don’t you think the mayor of hoboken should send his kids to public school? maybe that is the reason the public schools suck, dough boy has no vested interest in them.[/quote] I think High Tech (remembered the name) is open admission/free/public. Just not in Hoboken.

I understand the point about ‘not eating your own cooking’ re: not using the public schools. The schools have been a path to govenerment no-show jobs since the flood. (eg, the elder Russo). I also don’t think people realize how much $$$ Roberts actually has. I’m surprised he even bothered with Prep.