iPhone 5 – after extensive use

An honest look at the Apple iPhone 5 Smartphone

Most reviews you read online about almost any device – are slanted for one reason or another. I won’t get into exactly what the psychological phenomenon is today – rather, I will just offer a real-world review of the Apple iPhone 5. Sound good?

Apple iPhone 5 review - iPhone 5 - after extensive use

Smart phones – good or bad for humanity?

Let’s get the dirty work out of the way first.

The Apple iPhone 5 is a device that will most likely satisfy 99% of the population. It’s intuitive, fast, widely supported and more. It just works, and is why most people have an Apple phone. Does that make it perfectly worthy? Not necessarily, but should be the first choice for anyone looking to “upgrade” to the smart phone realm.

FanBoi talk debunked about Apple, Android, Windows, etc.

Read the headline above. Next, research “Tribe Mentality” – People these days don’t really have much to stand by anymore, so they pick the products they love instead. No farmland, no culture – they just bitch and moan about who they love better. Google, Android, Apple, iOs, Microsoft, Windows, and everything else ad nauseum. It is absolute nonsense. Most of these passionate idiots are likely 14 year old pre-pubescent dopes with nothing better to do, or 40+ year old nimrods with the same predicament. Who gives a crap?

The bottom line is that it’s not about what is “better” (fill in the blank: processor, screen (dpi), memory, capacity, network, etc.) – it’s about what YOU like best.

In this reviewers opinion, regardless of my previous angst towards the Apple corporation – the device just works better than all of the rest combined. Does that mean that Android (a Google product) won’t eventually catch up and supersede the overall effectiveness of Apple? Surely not, but for the time being Apple wins. However, as a matter of principle, the “cartel” runs with their proprietary technology (i.e., the lack of mini-USB charging) is reason alone to consider boycotting Apple and their (soon to be trillion dollar valued) monopoly.

Whether the death of Steve Jobs impacts this or not remains to be seen.

Apple iPhone 5 Basics – it’s a decent piece of equipment!

Let’s blast out some rapid-fire opinions about this latest consumer device:

Apple iPhone 5 tested - iPhone 5 - after extensive use

  • Headphones – I’ve always hated “pod” earphones. I’ve been a DJ in my life, and just appreciate full style headphones. However, I’ve come to realize that Apple took this upgrade seriously, and put crazy effort into the new pair of “buds” that comes with the phone. Not only are they comfortable – but they sound amazing. Upgrade if you own old ones ($29).
  • Apps – If you just use the phone for the basics, you don’t really need to care about apps. Some people dabble with games or puzzles while on the bus, etc. Some apps I chose were Amazon Cloud player – all my mp3s that I never listen to, Drudge Report and some banking apps. It’s proven helpful more than once – so I guess it’s added a little value to my life.
  • Camera – just OK, but handy to have (the panorama feature is neat). A standalone camera is always better. If absolutely need the best cell cam, get the Nokia PureView 808 (see review here) or Lumia 920 when it’s released.
  • Usability – Keep in mind this is my first iPhone (although I also have the new iPad). If you’ve never had Apple devices, you’ll find this easy to use.
  • Keyboard – Compared to Blackberry, typing on a screen stinks – although Apple tries to compensate by auto-correcting. This is frustrating at times. Tip: If there’s a word that always gets mistaken – just add an extra letter to the end and backspace. That will trump the auto-correct.
  • Battery life – Not bad, but with extensive surfing, apps, music and more – you’ll find yourself charging it once or twice a day. Otherwise for just phone use – you can go a couple days between charges. But it does re-charge quick. You may want to carry around a battery-powered USB charger and extra Apple lightning cables.
  • Web – It handles web surfing very well, although the small screen is still a pain in the neck. Better off surfing on an iPad or other tablet (or not at all!)
  • Integration – Apple devices play well together. If you have MacBook, iPad, and iPhone, it’s quite handy to have your photos, apps, and other data shared. Although I’m a bit concerned about how much privacy there is on any could platform. If you have other OS’s (Windows, etc.) the integration is a non-factor, although apps like Microsoft SkyDrive are pretty helpful.

iPhone 5 white review - iPhone 5 - after extensive use

What do you want to do?

Regardless if you’re an “all in” smartphone user – who watches movies, listens to music all the time, and integrates your whole life into your phone – or just a simple casual email, text, phone and occasional browser – the iPhone actually fits the bill either way.

If you’re a super-high-tech-techie – odds are, you’ll never truly be satisfied with ANY single solution, and will always be in a semi-state of upgrade, or thirsty for the next “great” device.

But keep in mind that planned obsolescence is out there, and they probably have you by the good ‘ole digital leash.

Have fun!

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