Towing cars in Hoboken for Ping Pong

Hoboken now tows cars for ping pong: New city low

Emergency repairs? I understand.

Moving truck? Sure – they paid for the spot.

Snow plowing? Makes sense.

But now the city took even more parking away from residents and towed cars so a few hipsters can play ping pong in front of the homeless brigade and cake boss sloths near the CVS downtown.

I can think of 100 better ways to use time and energy than this.

It’s obvious our city has their priorities mixed up. Not only that, Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer denied a permit to Councilman Tim Occhipinti to use a firetruck for his block party this weekend, ending a long Mile Square tradition. Can we clone 20,000 Ron Pauls and make them Mayor of every city in this country?

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The Professor
The Professor

This reminded me if anyone knows why, in the archway near the history museum, a ping pong table is occasionally set up and is being used by a group of teenagers? Is that a History Museum-sponsored thing, or did these kids just decide to set up camp?


It’s for this: