Your life back on track

New Hoboken411 feature: Your Life back on Track

We’re excited to announce a new feature here on Hoboken411 – Your Life back on Track – featuring local Hoboken psychotherapist Jessica Kasevich of JK Therapy.

She’ll be contributing articles that cover a wide range of challenging and relevant issues that many of you may have had some experience with in your life.

So stay tuned this week for the first piece that may strike a nerve for some people, but may get others to take stock of what is important in their lives.

Your Life Back on Track JK Therapy Jessica Kasevich Hoboken NJ Hoboken411 - Your life back on track

Lost track? Need direction?

“Hello fellow Hobokenites!

My name is Jessica Kasevich owner of JK Therapy, located just two blocks from the Path Station. My private practice focuses on short term psychotherapy, helping clients address the normal stresses of every day life in a fast paced city.

Most of us would love to move forward in certain areas of our life but, let’s face it, sometimes we lose our direction, get stuck or thrown off-track. I am excited to announce that I will be writing a regular column for Hoboken411. These articles will pose questions from my observations of life in Hoboken, specifically around dating, the single life, married life, parenting and current social issues.

My column will challenge your beliefs, touch your emotions and stretch your mind, helping you become your best self. I will show you the way through many issues that are the normal complements of urban life and personal ambition.

I look forward to reading your responses to the stimulating and sometimes controversial topics you will find in my column. Remember, if you never question things in life, you will never grow into the person you want to be. I look forward to helping you get YOUR LIFE BACK ON TRACK to achieve your best self.”

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