PATH Train Fire?

HFD responds to reports of PATH train fire

7:53am Update:

Port Authority confirmed a minor fire on the PATH – and some commuters were evacuated from the tunnel via an emergency exit in Jersey City.

7:42am Update:

Apparently Port Authority confirmed there was some kind of “minor” fire which caused a slight smoke condition – and they turned on the ventilation system to rectify the problem. At the moment – it sounds like this is not a major situation – and should not be cause for alarm. However, the commotion downtown may take a while to subside…

Hoboken Fire Department received a call at 7:30am this morning that a PATH train was “on fire.”

The Port Authority has confirmed a “smoke condition” in the tunnel. An investigation is under way… more to come.

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Sweet Thunder
Sweet Thunder

Glad it was no big deal! I give the folks who squeeze themselves into a PATH train every day a lot of credit.


Although minor, the fire really impacted Hoboken commuters. Stranded PATH riders filled the New Jersey Transit 126 buses from Hoboken Terminal, leaving those who normally take the bus from uptown stranded. Then a domino effect of approximately 50 bus riders scrambling to buy ferry tickets from two ticket machines on the 14th Street pier.

Helpful hints: check Twitter at the first sign of trouble. Sign up for My Transit text alerts on the NJ Transit website. And download NY Waterway’s free mobile app so you can buy ferry tickets on your phone.