Monday Night Football at Elks

Hoboken Elks Lodge – Monday Night Football Option

If you’ve lived in Hoboken for a while and haven’t been over to the Elks Lodge at 1005 Washington Street, maybe you can have a good excuse to check it out tonight.

They’ve been promoting their Monday Night Football option there for a few years: “Good Food, Good Brew, Good People. $10 donation – Be an Elk or be a guest.”

Tonight we have two games going on, Eagles vs Redskins at 7pm, and Texans vs. Chargers at 10:30pm. It’s the only time this season you’ll have a Monday night double header. Have a good excuse ready for why you’ll be late for work on Tuesday…

Definitely no phony BS going on inside at the Elks! Just very old-school style hanging out!

Monday Night Football at Hoboken Elks Lodge 74 - Monday Night Football at Elks

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