34 Megapixel Hoboken

Massive Hoboken Photos: 34 mega pixels

Having taken hundreds of thousands of photos for Hoboken411 over the past six and a half years – not only do you build your knowledge and skills, you also start becoming a bit overly-passionate about your craft. Multiple cameras, lenses for every situation, and so on. And once you amass a collection of viable equipment, your obsession with having the right tools for the job become an encumbrance (too heavy, cluttered, etc.)

There are some days you just want one, compact camera that can cover 98% of your needs.

Which is why I recently bought the Nokia 808 PureView smartphone. It is one of the best cell phone cameras on the market – sporting a 41 mega pixel Carl Zeiss lens, full HD video (with zoom), and amazing audio quality.

Nokia 808 PureView – are more pixels better?

Most people do not understand what all the pixels mean. They think more is better. Taking everything else out of the equation – the answer is yes and no.

For instance, here on Hoboken411 – I could get away with a ONE megapixel camera, since all my photos are around 540 pixels wide. If you want to make massive prints, or extensively crop your photos, sure load up on MP’s – but if you want quality pictures in general you don’t need bigger – you just want better (lenses, imaging sensor, etc.)

However, this Nokia 808 doesn’t just use all the pixels for massive photos – they have a “PureView” mode – which offers 8, 5, and 2 megapixel settings where each pixel is over-sampled 5 or 6 times for incredible color and clarity, as well as good night shots. This also allows for true optical zoom without shoddy pixelization that happens with traditional digital zooms. However, when shooting full resolution it’s only 34 mega pixels in 16:9 and 38 mega pixels in 4:3 aspect ratios. The photos I’ve taken with the 808 here on Hoboken411 have rivaled the best lenses on my Digital SLR’s when sized down.

But if you look at the re-sized 8 MP and 34 MP photos – you cannot tell the difference. Click on each of these to see the FULL sized versions… where you can see the detail.

The only thing that matters when you go higher up in megapixels – is the level of clarity on zooms and closeups… see the difference between the 34 and 8 MP:

Jury still out on Nokia 808 PureView

I still have a couple weeks to try the phone out – as it does come in handy if I don’t feel like carrying tons of equipment. This phone uses the Symbian Belle operating system which may not be right for “app whores,” but if all you do is email, text, talk and snap pics – this is a great choice.

If the 41MP lens doesn’t win me over – I’ll either try the new Nokia Lumia 920 (Windows 8 OS, and a PureView 8 MP camera with an f/2.0 lens – which is very desirable), or just get the damn iPhone 5.

To what extent do you use your cell phone camera?

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The 8MP and 34MP shots are really impressive for a phone. It looks like the noise starts to show more as the lighting goes down. I am curious to know what the other phones you mentioned will produce. We researched some of those after you showed us that insane little device. The f2.0 on the Nokia might do the job better. But if none of the phones make you happy, there’s always the Sony RX100. It’s small enough and the quality is ridiculous.


The pictures look very good, but I don’t think cell phone cameras can ever replace a decent DSLR.


Well yeah. But still but even a crappy cell phone pic will be better than the one that does not get taken because you don’t want to lug your Canon 7D everywhere. [quote comment=”217133″]The pictures look very good, but I don’t think cell phone cameras can ever replace a decent DSLR.[/quote]