Reporter Roundup – 9/23/2007


Reporter Roundup

Getting back in the groove on our weekly look at Hoboken’s weekly newspaper. Most of the stories will be familiar, since we covered them in real time during the week.



Cover Stories: New Human Services Director

The left side of this week’s front page includes a picture of outgoing director of human services Carmelo Garcia chatting with his replacement, John Pope at last Wednesdays city council meeting. As Hoboken411 reported first, Pope was chosen by Mayor David Roberts to take the job. Garcia is off to try and solidify his liquefying political power base in his new job as assistant director of the Hoboken Housing Authority.

Lively School Board Meeting

Why do school board President Theresa Minutillo and Vice President Frances “Bubbles” Rhodes-Kearns look annoyed in that front page photo? Maybe the photo also on the front page of 3rd ward councilman Michael Russo lecturing them has something to do with it, but you need to read the whole article to figure it out.

The story about the meeting starts off with the loss of a literacy program, and moves on to report 2nd ward councilwoman Beth Mason has struck a deal with Superintendent Jack Raslowsky to begin airing her videos of the School Board meetings on Channel 77. Quite a turnaround from when Mason had to sue just to get the right to hire her own cameraman to record the meetings. Hoboken411 recapped the meeting first here.

Page 3: A Greener, Greater Hoboken

Hoboken Southwest Parks Coalition Founder and President Sara Stojkovic is picturing unveiling the SW6 plan for six acres of open space and infrastructure improvements to the city council. SW6 was simultaneously unveiled here on Hoboken411, and we will be watching its progress closely.

Page 4: Even Briefer Briefs

The Hoboken Elks will hold a charity car wash next Saturday. The Hoboken NAACP held a demonstration for the Jena 6 Thursday at City Hall. The Mayor’s ribbon cutting picture of the week comes from Maxwell Place Park. We covered the ribbon cutting as well as the controversy between Dave Roberts and the Fund for a Better Waterfront, which was not mentioned in the Reporter.

Page 5: Jamaican Orphans Need Love

The paper spotlights 16 Hobokenites headed to the islands to help orphans. They are part of the Mustard Seed organization.

Page 6: Between The Lines

Al Sullivan’s political gossip column focuses on the ongoing war between the HCDO and DFHC with more on the battle to control the Board of Chosen Freeholders. Sullivan also looks at who may be the next Mayor of Bayonne now that Joe Doria has been tapped by Governor Jon Corzine to run the State Department of Community Affairs. That is the office in Trenton busy dealing with Hoboken issues from back door borrowing to hide budget deficits to Hospital bailout deals, as well as the trials and tribulations of Al Arezzo. An update on the 4th ward battle ends up at the end of the column.

Page 7: Arts and Music Fest Preview

The Bongos, Feelies, and dB’s are all due to play the Hoboken Fall 2007 Arts and Music Festival this weekend, along with a special appearance by Krystal. It will also feature a “Green Street” to promote environmentally friendly products and causes, sponsored by the Hoboken Quality of Life Coalition.

Page 11: Fulop Fights for Ethics

Hoboken is not the only city in Hudson County dealing with ethics issues. The Reporter covers the efforts of Jersey City Councilman Steven Fulop, who is trying to get ethics reform passed a council with 5 of 9 members who work for Hudson County. It’s worth a read if you want a better sense of how “The Machine” holds on to power.

Page 54: Letters to the Editor

  • The lead letter comes from County Freeholder Maurice Fitzgibbons, who follows up on Ryn Melberg’s suggestions for the Church of the Holy Innocents.
  • John Corea of the Hoboken Parking Utility writes a letter about the city’s Safe Paths to School program. The letter mentions crosswalk safety, making sure vehicles don’t block sightlines (like the one that caused this accident), and keeping Fire Hydrants clear of cars like this one.
  • Kevin Cawley writes about his trip from despair to recovery thanks to the Hoboken Homeless Shelter.
  • Chris Campos addresses the upcoming Round 3 in the fourth ward.
  • Dawn Zimmer urges people to vote yes on the Open Space Tax.
  • Richard Tremitiedi responds to Hoboken411 report about his parking habits.

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