Fireworks from Hoboken Italian Festival

Hoboken Italian Fireworks Grand Finale

We’ve covered so many fireworks videos here on Hoboken411 over the past six and a half years – it gets to be a bit of a chore after a while. I’ve shot film from almost every possible vantage point: Under the fireworks, Elysian Park, over at Stevens Institute, even on a ferry boat!

Plus – fireworks videos never quite have the right sound that gives you the feeling that you were there… until now. I finally cracked the code on how to get full dynamic audio without spiking the levels – and if you watch the video below with the proper sound (good headphones or speakers capable of deep bass), you’ll hear the difference – it sounds exactly the same as I heard it through my ears. Hard to do unless you have thousands of dollars worth of proper equipment these days.

I was precisely 3150 feet from the launch area – so there’s about a three-second delay.

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