Arezzo is privileged too!

10/3/2007 Update:

Had a chance to speak with Al Arezzo for a few minutes today over at Wireless Solutions, where he was having his cell phone fixed.

He explained why he has a red police light on his dashboard. “I’m on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Because in case of an emergency in Hoboken such as a fire or building collapse, I have to be one of the first people on scene”, he said. He went on to say that it’s a city car, and was paid for out of the Construction Code budget, and that light is used rarely, if ever.

Additionally, he’s a bit irritated at the “media” (which he referred to as “you guys” and included 411 in that group), because he feels that the city is trying to push him out, in favor of Mayor Roberts friend (and best man in his wedding) Mario Tridenti. He said that Tridenti is currently employed in a County Zoning Development position that was newly created. He also said that Tridenti is currently “in school”, training to take the Hoboken Construction Code job that Al currently holds. He also said that Tidenti doesn’t even live in Hoboken, and that this job requires that you be a Hoboken resident.

He also said that the whole thing about him owning a unit at Maxwell Place had nothing to do with the whole fence debacle, as the City would have figured out another way to complain about his enforcement of City Code. He was just doing his job, he said.

Arezzo also informed me of a rumor he heard that 2nd Ward Councilwoman Beth Mason is the one that “owns Hoboken411”, which I quickly corrected him on. This is owned 100% by me, and no one else. Not even close! He also was convinced I was the one that snapped the picture of his car, when in fact it was sent in by a reader. But he didn’t want to take the time to understand what I do, and believes I have “an agenda”, which was also incorrect. I report what I see, and what people send me.

I’m glad I had the chance to speak with him. He gave me his number, and I may call him often as stories that surround him and the Construction Code Office pop up.

Here a reader writes in about Al Arezzo’s parking “entitlement”. Why does a construction code guy have restricted plates and a police light on his dash?

“Why can Al Arezzo park his car in the Washington Street Bus Stop by City Hall all morning and not get a ticket? Is it because he has an official police red light on his dash or is it because he has “Confidential” license plates that don’t show up on DMV look ups?

Better yet, why does he have the plates and lights which are prohibited for use by civilians?”


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The best inspectors were in newark, they were up front and they were not behind the fence in telling you how much they wanted. This happened in the hall outside the bldg. dept office and there were no visits and no problems. Just plain old no frills bribe, those were the days

[quote comment=”60633″][quote comment=”60629″]slightly off topic, but what triggers a visit from Al when renovating your bathroom or kitchen? Can you only change cosmetic stuff, counters, faucets. How about tile? Or does he only get notified if you are moving systems?[/quote] More specifically, if you do any of the following, it would trigger a visit – relocate plumbing make alterations to electrical systems move walls You can tear up your tile and replace counters, vanities, sinks, toilets, whatever, without needing a permit…[/quote] Yeah, I wouldn’t bank on that. We weren’t planning on relocating anything in our bathroom, only repairing pipes (and then the beam) and then taking the opportunity to put in wall and floor tiles that were younger than we were and a toilet that didn’t bear the stains of the past six owners. If we had known the contractor (Jersey City-based) needed a permit, we would have told him to go and get one. It’s not like we were trying to save $150 on what would have been a $7000-8000 job. Even if we were dishonest, which we’re not, that would just be stupidly inefficiently dishonest. Instead, we stupidly thought the contractor would know what he needed and get it. As it turned out, an inspector poked his head in on the contractors (while my husband and I were out at work) and slapped a stop-work order after seeing the old toilet and some contractor bags sitting in the basement stairwell in front of the house. You might need… Read more »

[quote comment=”60732″]
I will stand and applaud at the courthouse the day he is convicted and sentenced to jail. He has treated the residents of Hoboken with dishonesty and cruelty that exceeds the imagination.[/quote]

You can’t forget his most egregious display – when his LLC, triple minga (he, along with petruzelli the realtor in town) bought that lot in town for like $300,000 and then turned around and sold it to the construction official from weehawken (or his brother or something like that) for like $1.2 million in the course of 6 months… I know that is not the exact figures on the deal, but something like that.. Talk about a deal that stinks to high heaven, that is it…


JudgeSmails: doesn’t make it alright, but building inspectors are pretty much the same everywhere. It’s the whole “absolute power” thing. It corrupts.



Largest Developer in town convicted and served Federal jail time for bribery and other charges.

Mayor Russo was convicted by the FBI for kick backs and served Federal time.

Al Arezzo, building inspector for 36 years in Hoboken (YES 36 YEARS) and is an owner and developer of properties… clean are his hands?

I have lost track of the number of times i have been told about his approving construction projections that were questionable/fast tracked while he received $1 condo’s in the building or when he placed a ‘stop work order’ on a business and then demanded a ‘contribution to his unique charity’ to release the work order.

I will stand and applaud at the courthouse the day he is convicted and sentenced to jail. He has treated the residents of Hoboken with dishonesty and cruelty that exceeds the imagination.