Lovable foster dog needs new home

Can you find a home for Tyrant the dog in Hoboken?

“I have a new foster dog from Liberty, named Tyrant. He was living with a family for 7 years, they got him as a puppy but moved to a new home with no yard that didn’t allow dogs… so off to the shelter he was dumped. As you can imagine he got very depressed and stopped eating. He is awesome to say the least but I could use some help getting him out there because he is 7 years old… besides that… he’s amazing. Trained, loves to cuddle, low energy. Likes to sleep but is also up for a hike or some dog park time. He loves other dogs and children. Not a fan of cats. I’ve heard him bark 3 times… always at a cat. His bark is comical… kinda like a squeak toy!

Also… he is stunning in person. brown coat and green eyes.”

Call Laura at 973-573-1315 if you’re interested in Tyrant and would like to arrange a meeting.

Tyrant the dog needs a new home in Hoboken NJ - Lovable foster dog needs new home

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