Hoboken 2007 Fall Arts & Music Festival


Who would go to the Festival?

There are a bunch of reasons why you’d attend the Hoboken Arts & Music Festival:

  1. To purchase interesting items from the 100’s of vendors who set up shop on Washington Street.
  2. To enjoy the various tasty (and greasy) food offered.
  3. To people watch (and bump).
  4. To see the musical acts.
  5. To meet up with friends, get drunk and do all of the above.
  6. To bring your kids to enjoy many of the family-oriented activities.
  7. To get stressed out, annoyed and suffer a panic attack.

hoboken fall 2007 arts and music festival 11 - Hoboken 2007 Fall Arts & Music Festival

Hoboken411’s tips:

  • For #1 & #2 & #6: Go early. At 10am preferably (an hour before official opening). Mill around, find what you like to purchase or eat and get the hell out of there. Best to stay in the night before. 411 “got it over with”.
  • For #3 & #4: Anytime is good, but better off going after 1pm. Crowd is tight, 10’s of thousands of people and all entertainment stages going full-swing. Good for hungover revelers from the night before.
  • Special Rule #5: If you want a spot in your favorite bar, get there early. Set up camp and create a “home base”. If you’re into the music, find a bar close to your preferred stage. Form teams of people that go out in bunches, alternating turns. If there’s nice weather (like yesterday) you probably want a bar with outdoor seating.
  • For #7: If you get stressed out and annoyed, it’s probably healthier if you do not attend. Take a day trip out of town, or throw your own NFL Football gathering if you’re worried about traffic & parking.

See some more quiet pics from when 411 went below (very early). Oscar had an “I Like Grass” t-shirt on!

hoboken fall 2007 arts and music festival 9 - Hoboken 2007 Fall Arts & Music Festival
hoboken fall 2007 arts and music festival - Hoboken 2007 Fall Arts & Music Festival
hoboken fall 2007 arts and music festival 10 - Hoboken 2007 Fall Arts & Music Festival
hoboken fall 2007 arts and music festival 4 - Hoboken 2007 Fall Arts & Music Festival
hoboken fall 2007 arts and music festival 8 - Hoboken 2007 Fall Arts & Music Festival
hoboken fall 2007 arts and music festival 7 - Hoboken 2007 Fall Arts & Music Festival

9/29/2007 Bump- Tomorrow!

“Featuring three stages of live music & over 300 artists, sculptors, photographers & craftspeople.

This year our musical lineup features members of many rock bands that helped create what was known in the early 1980s as the “Hoboken Sound,” including The Bongos who have recently reissued their critically acclaimed debut Drums Along the Hudson with new tracks produced by Moby. This will be their first performance in Hoboken in 20 years.

Other featured bands include: Glenn Mercer of The Feelies, Chris Stamey of the dBs, The Health & Happiness Show with James Mastro and many others.”

2007 hoboken fall arts and music festival - Hoboken 2007 Fall Arts & Music Festival

Hoboken Fall Arts & Music Festival 2007

Sunday, September 30, 2007 11am – 6pm

Special features include:

  • New Addition this year: Green Street includes 20 organizations promoting environmentally friendly products or raising awareness about global warming and other environmental issues
  • Fine artists are located between 2nd & 3rd St., so if you are an art collector, this is the place to be. Oil paintings, watercolors, acrylics, sculpture, mixed media, etc.
  • Children’s area on 3rd street with rides, games, creative activities, ponies, petting zoo, magic show, face painting, clowns, balloons, live performances and much much more.
  • Crafters display / sell handmade: pottery, metalwork, wood items, furniture, blown & fused glass, quilts, household items made from recycled materials, cementware, batik clothing, hand painted furniture, candles, jewelry, dried florals, soaps & lotions and much more
  • Food: Lots of great food throughout the fair. Hoboken restaurants will set up street cafes offering an eclectic variety of international foods such as: Thai, Indian, Greek, French, Mexican, Cajun and Italian

festival high shot - Hoboken 2007 Fall Arts & Music Festival

Performance Venues

Main Stage (First Street)

Sixth Street Stage

Kid Zone (Third Street)

  • 11:45am – Music Together
  • 12:30pm – Jen Slaw – juggler
  • 1:15pm – Music Together
  • 2:00pm – Polka Dot’s Variety Show!
  • 2:45pm – Jen Slaw – juggler
  • 3:30pm – Baze and his Silly Friends
  • 4:15pm – Starfish
  • 5:00pm – Baze and his Silly Friends
  • 5:40pm – Polka Dot’s Variety Show!

Contact Person: Geri Fallo
Hoboken Division of Cultural Affairs, 94 Washington Street
Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 201-420-2207 or Fax: 201-420-2388
Web Site: hobokennj.org or MySpace

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[quote comment=”46273″]How do I join the Hoboken Motorcycle club? I want the cool patch and leather jacket. They get a booth every year and look like a good clean group.[/quote]

I asked about membership – they told me I had to cut the muffler off my bike to make it obnoxiously loud, put on (another) 100 pounds, grow an enormous mustache and not wash for a few months………….I’m going to shoot for the 2027 Fall festival when I’m in the correct age bracket and my p’nis has shriveled up.


How do I join the Hoboken Motorcycle club? I want the cool patch and leather jacket. They get a booth every year and look like a good clean group.


umm….here’s the sad truth folks. The Hoboken Arts and Music Fest or “Tube-Sock-Fest” has become completely hypocritical. Of course there’s more junk/crappy stuff and few local artists. Why? because a long time ago,in a galaxy far,far away, artists and musicians could actually AFFORD to live here. Thats why artists and musicians flocked here in abundance,giving the once uninhabital Hoboken it’s amazing reputation for an art and music community. You could actually persue your craft with conviction, whether it was gluing strips of cloth and string over a canvas splattered with an abstract image of Hitler, or playing improvisational reggae-cowboy-alien-jazz music. Not every composition of these sorts was popular,or even palatable. But the fact was you had a very interesting and diverse artistic vibe going on. And out of the weirdness of all this–and being able to have a shitty part time job to support your creativity and still afford to live here– came some pretty cool and pretty great art and music.
Now, if your art/music has no instant commercial/financial viability, it’s just a part-time thing–and it shows—since you must work-work-work just to pay the rent. The once popular reputation of Hoboken being “an artistic and musical” community is a joke,and no more. The Arts ‘n Music Fest relies soley, and sadly, on a reputation built in the past. For they have priced the the true artist out of town……therefor the “Stretched-coke-bottle-with-colored-sand in it” Fest will never be the same…..but the tube socks ARE cheap!


Was that aame or was mc nabb mugged???


[quote comment=”46210″]I heard that the booths are $500 each… no discount for Hoboken-based artists/businesses, which is why some of our cities best artists/artisans don’t exhibit.[/quote]

You were misinformed. Artists pay around $100, non-profits pay around $25, and the food vendors pay the most – I think $150 but it could be more.