Boys are back in town!

Some Hoboken guys just have weak bladders

Now that we’ve passed the “unofficial end of summer,” weekends will undoubtedly be packed with more people here in Hoboken. More people, more drinking, more bladders filled to the brim with red bull, vodka, beer and other organ-numbing concoctions.

And especially since football season is in full swing – expect frequent sightings like the one below (happened near the Shipyard at 13th & Hudson.)

This classy guy with his pink shorts, polo shirt and beard didn’t have enough common sense to relieve himself prior to leaving his previous booze-imbibing spot. I guess it’s true that alcohol really does impair judgment!

Lucky for him – he didn’t get nabbed for a $2,000 public urination fine.

Public urination in Hoboken NJ can cost you thousands - Boys are back in town!

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