Hoboken Week in Review – 9/23/2007

hoboken-dogs-jump.jpgWelcome new registered readers this week!

Today’s the first day of Autumn, and is absolutely beautiful!

Hoboken has been chock full of stories, new stores, and wacky politics. What will the rest of the fall bring our way?

Please feel free to send tips, rants, comments, drinks and suggestions to: Hoboken411@gmail.com.

What fun & nutty items were covered in the past week?

News, items of importance & “Hot Topics”:

  • Who’s is better? – Mayor Roberts & Ron Hine (of FBW) trades barbs over a waterfront park at Maxwell Place.
  • Tremitiedi Trickery – Former Fire Chief and Council Candidate is up to no good with his sense of parking entitlement. Readers say: “Boo!” He then tries “Damage Control” in the local paper. Not gonna work here!

Town Government:

  • Dragging: – What the 4th Ward Council Race is doing. Makes me tired just typing about it.
  • Forever: – How long the court trial for 4th Ward Councilman Chris Campos’ DUI arrest in taking.
  • Brilliant!: – What the SW6 plan that was unveiled by the Southwest Parks Coalition is. Some political stuff snuck in, but 411 tries to put it in it’s right place.
  • Lengthy: – How long the Board of Education meeting recap was.

Community Events & Local Sports:

  • Game Over – The Shannon Lounge dart tournament is over. And the winner is?
  • Trash Talk – National League Baseball fans trade barbs about the upcoming playoffs.
  • The big 25! – The Hoboken Shelter for the Homeless celebrates their milestone today and Thursday, with a fundraising dinner.
  • Jewish Women – Have a upcoming meet & greet over at Cafe Ganache uptown.

New, Updated or Coming Soon:

  • Hot & Delicious! – The Original Soup Man opens in Hoboken. Try their Turkey Chili. Amazing!
  • Mmmm that smells good! – Fabulous flower shop opened this week. Grand Opening party today at 12 Noon!
  • At long last! – Hoboken finally gets another diner choice. Should be opening before the end of October.
  • Chickwrapagrillicious – Mr. Wraps ping-pongs like a seasoned politician. However, myself and many residents still enjoy their food!

Leaving Town, screwed, or mucked up:


  • No official reviews this week.

Reader Mail Bag:

  • Out of control dog – A reader sends the Mayor a letter about her leaping canine. Feedback from residents isn’t good for this reader.
  • Hoboken Sign-a-palooza – Some people think there’s way too many sidewalk impedances. Others think I post too much about little gripes.
  • Good Job HPA! – Welcome kudos is due for Parking Authority employees who are courteous.
  • Chop! Chop! – Trees downtown on 1st street get a “bad haircut”.

Fun, Games, Miscellaneous Stuff:

Notable incidents, crimes, fires:

  • Boom! – A person is hit by a CITY pickup truck! I smell lawsuit.

Recent Town Incidents:

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Oh boy! Looks Like Colleen’s dog jumped the fence again. Good form, technique, the landing looks like it was a good one. I give it a 9 1/2 on the floor portion of doggie gymnastics


Great picture!