Red curb privileged parking?

Hoboken red curbs overlooked on purpose?

Supposedly those red curbs that are supposed to be forbidden zones here in Hoboken get overlooked.

Hoboken411 reader Mike spotted one vehicle parked for eons with a ticket. Makes you wonder if this SUV is “connected” at City Hall.

“Just wanted to send in this picture of a “No Tolerance!” Red-Zone offender that was parked on SE corner of 4th & Madison Street overnight, with no visible ticket or booting apparent when I was leaving for work the following morning. Completely in the Red, was there at 11pm, and still there today 7am. So who’s not doing their job, or whom is ever so privileged to get away with this nonsense.

Hopefully this will raise some questions and concerns of yet “Another Wonderful Hoboken Decision That Works!”

Blatant red curb parking offender Hoboken NJ - Red curb privileged parking?

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