Bike theft woes continue in Hoboken

What can be done about Hoboken bike thefts?

Seems like bike thefts in Hoboken continue at a breakneck pace. Wonder what the solution is? More cops?

Hoboken411 reader and resident Stephanie shares her story about a bike stolen just a day ago:

Hoboken Bike Thefts on the rise - Bike theft woes continue in Hoboken“I had ANOTHER bike stolen in Hoboken. The last time I locked it at the PATH and the Hobo cops and transit cops both gave me the runaround telling me it was the others jurisdiction and therefore couldn’t help me.

Last night, I locked it up in front of Gotham Mills (515 4th St bw Madison and Jeff). It was a light purple bike (pictured).

I was inside the apt for about an hour or 2 last night at 8p and came out to find they broke my lock and stole my light purple mountain bike for god knows what. Frustrating since it’s the only transportation I have since before the other bike that was stolen last summer, my car was also stolen and ended up in Newark completely torn apart.

I filed a report with the police this time and while the cop who I dealt with was really nice I highly doubt the bike will resurface. They said its been a huge problem lately. Is it just me or is there a lack of the police patrolling the streets lately???

SOOO frustrating!”

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Seems like a lot of bikes go from garages.

I know of bikes that I have passed for years that are fly-parked inside gates that are still there. Mind you they are Schwinns and Huffys, not top of the line Specialized.

While a garage protects your bike from the elements, it also gives a thief relative privacy with your lock to defeat it. It also might give the owner a false sense of security.


Two bikes stolen this week from our garage. Seems they are impersonation UPS and getting buzzed in. Do you neighbors a favor when your buzzer rings. Iif you have an intercom check and ask for the name on the package and the Unit if it isn’t for you.If it does not sound right do not buzz them in.


Some bike thieves are junkies looking for a fix. A junkie trying for a fix will grab any low hanging fruit, even if is rotten and full of worms.


Yep. Got my bike stolen this weekend. I will admit that I probably didn’t do too great of a job locking it up. But it’s hard to believe how they will take ANY bike. My bike was in ROUGH shape.. and granted, yes… I am now walking to work.. it was so much better to have a 10 minute commute to Jersey City versus a half an 25 minute walk. Bummer. I have learned my lesson. 🙁