Mad One Jacks – Hudson Place

Mad One Jacks downtown – available for rent

Hmmm. Just about a year after opening, the folks at Mad One Jacks (22 Hudson Place) downtown have the place up for rent.

The listing says “Amazing location! In the heart of the city’s business district, etc…”

Makes you wonder, if this 800 sq. ft. place was so “amazing,” then why would you bail?

Maybe the declining economy + $6400 per month rent – number of people wanting $50 haircuts = in the red?

Mad One Jacks 22 Hudson Place for rent Hoboken NJ - Mad One Jacks - Hudson Place

Mad One Jacks opens at 22 Hudson Place in Hoboken

5/1/2013 Update:

After more than a six-month wait – Mad One Jacks has finally opened their second location down at 22 Hudson Place.

One of the positive things I noticed about Mad One Jacks – is that they keep some of the most liberal hours. Tuesday through Thursday until 11pm, Friday until 10pm and 6pm on Saturdays. Not bad for those who work later than most. As an added bonus – you can book appointments online 24 hours a day.

Good luck downtown, Mad One Jacks!

Mad One Jacks Hoboken NJ hair salon - Mad One Jacks - Hudson Place

Description: Hair Salon.
Address: 22 Hudson Place, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Telephone: (201)258-3988

Mad One Jacks salon coming to 22 Hudson Pl. in Hoboken


Mad One Jacks hair salon (which is currently located at 92 Madison St.) is opening up a second salon over at 22 Hudson Place. Word is sometime in October or November.

This location was the previous home to the doomed Cammareri’s Bakery.

Supposedly they’ll keep both operations open. God bless success (and 50,000 heads of hair!)

Mad One Jacks Hair Salon Hoboken NJ 22 Hudson Place - Mad One Jacks - Hudson Place

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