Jackson Street is dense

Bike lane dissed on Jackson St. in Hoboken, NJ

Jackson Street traffic is certainly not the only dense thing in Hoboken (check out the corner office at 94 Washington).

But just watching mid-afternoon traffic the other day, the frustration amongst drivers was apparent. Over and over, cars said “F.U.” to the bike lanes as they made their own lane in order to get ahead. The honking and shouting was enough for area residents to keep the windows closed on one of the most beautiful days of the summer so far. I certainly would get sick of it in a hurry (although I may be a tougher customer since the honking Hoboken Batman also irked me…)

Perhaps they should re-paint that mural along Sinatra Drive to more accurately represent what life is really like in Hoboken?

Use caution when in the SW part of Hoboken!

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This corner had its first “major” accident this morning at around 9am since the repainting (well, that is if you don’t count the pedestrians that have been hit). It is actually still shut down right now with Haz Mat crews working. This + the subject of this article = Mr. Sacs idea of “making it a safer corridor” I guess.