SW6 – A new vision for Southwest Hoboken

Hoboken Southwest Parks Update: Not much

The “chatter” you’re hearing about progress towards a viable park in the 4th Ward of Hoboken – is just that, “chatter.”

More than half a decade has passed by – with no real progress in getting a park down there. In fact, we’re still at the “Study” stage, making negative progress at this point, as the Hoboken Southwest Parks Coalition pointed out earlier this week in a message to concerned citizens.

SW6 Update southwest park 4th ward hoboken nj february 2012

Public Hearings on the SW Redevelopment STUDY

“The City of Hoboken has finally completed a SW Redevelopment STUDY, a process that was started back in 2006. The Hoboken Planning Board will conduct public hearings to present and review the study, and the following dates have been provided so that you may participate:

#1 – cancelled
#2 – February 23, 7:00 PM, Multi-Service Center at 123 Grand Street
#3 – February 29, 7:00 PM, location TBD
#4 – March 1, 7:00 PM, location TBD

Remember, that a study is the beginning stages of planning the neighborhood, and the actual study itself does not include a SW Park PLAN or DESIGN in the document.

You can download the full Southwest Area Redevelopment Study here.”

$500,000 for the SW6 Park!

6/16/2009 Update:

Here’s a message from the Hoboken Southwest Parks Coalition:


“The Hudson County Division of Planning has notified the HSPC that our application submitted to the County Board has been awarded $500,000 towards land acquisition for the SW6 Park.

On behalf of the city of Hoboken, HSPC completed the grant application in March, and gave a presentation to the board in April. The board was inundated with grant requests from 12 municipalities in Hudson County, all competing for a finite amount distributable funds in what is currently one of the worst economic climates for charitable giving.

What does this mean for Hoboken?

HSPC secured $500k (one of the largest grants given this year) to help start the process of park land acquisition in southwest Hoboken.

This is great progress and the HSPC will continue to work with our new Mayor to put other funding mechanisms in place for the SW6 Park.

If you’d like to help with this park effort, or would like more information about SW6 – please go to www.hobokenspc.org.”


Take a look at the Hudson County Open Space Advisory Board Recommendations Report here. Also noteworthy was the $350,000 recommended for the development of the Hoboken Cove Park uptown!

Progress on the SW Park!

4/9/2009 Update:

From the HSPC:

On March 24th, Hoboken Southwest Parks Coalition, on behalf of the City of Hoboken, submitted an application to the Hudson County Division of Planning requesting $3 million in funds to help start the process of land acquisition for the SW Park. After the lengthy application process, HSPC was invited back April 6th to give a presentation on the SW6 application they submitted.

Although the SW6 application scored very high last year, both in proposal and presentation, the application was not awarded any funds because the City had not completed the appraisals. However, thanks to Council President Nino Giacchi and Councilwoman Beth Mason, a new and improved Appraisal Resolution was submitted to the council on January 7, 2009 and the appraisals have since been completed. HSPC is happy to report, at the end of their presentation, they were able to provide the Hudson County Open Space Advisory Board with the necessary appraisals to start the land acquisition process.

HSPC wants to thank Councilwoman Mason for attending the presentation and providing the board with more detailed information. They also want to thank Councilwoman Theresa Castellano for being an ardent supporter and cheerleader of SW6, unfortunately, a family emergency prevented her from attending this year’s presentation.

The County will announce financial awards within the next few months.

SW6 Progress Report

2/6/2009 Update:

hoboken-sw6-flyer-hoboken411-thumb.gifWhether you’ve been tuned into the drama from the beginning, or just moved to Hoboken – here’s a status update from the Hoboken Southwest Parks Coalition – regarding recent developments:

Hoboken Southwest Parks Coalition in conjunction with the City of Hoboken will seek County Open Space Funds to acquire land for the SW6 Park.

Last Friday, January 30th, Ann Holtzman and Sara Stojkovic of HSPC attended the two hour Mandatory Pre-submission meeting for the Hudson County Open Space Trust Fund.

Twelve municipalities get to participate, but only those who attended the conference qualify to apply for funding.

Councilwoman Beth Mason was the only elected official from Hoboken who also attended the conference.

Read on for what’s new:

I thought we already did this application?

Yes, that’s right. Last year HSPC solicited over 1100 signatures for the SW6 park petition and spent a few months preparing the application and presentation for the county funds. We were seeking $3 million at the time and although we weren’t awarded the grant, the County Open Space Advisory Board (Division of Planning) told us we had the best proposal and best presentation and strongly encouraged us to reapply in 2009.

Why didn’t we get the county money the first time?

The City of Hoboken did not complete the appraisals, therefore, despite our best efforts, the application was deemed incomplete.

What is different this time around for 2009?

Recently, a new and improved resolution for appraisals sponsored by Councilwoman Mason and Council President Giacchi was passed by the city council and it provides not only the certified LEED appraisal firms, and a funding mechanism to pay for the appraisals, it has approval from the state fiscal monitor, Judy Tripodi. IT’S GOOD TO GO!

At the February 4th council meeting, Councilwoman Mason stressed to the city attorney that the appraisals need to be done within in the next 45 days to meet the first deadline of the county application submission process.

Who is going to put the application together and submit it?

Once again, HSPC will work with the city administration to complete the application and then HSPC will present it to the county board this spring.

What happens if the County grants us the money?

If selected by the Hudson County Open Space Advisory Board, the City gains to receive a substantial grant that can help purchase the first few parcels of park land in Southwest Hoboken, the SW6 Park. Now is the opportunity to buy land since the prices are dropping. We are also looking at other funding sources as well.

Quote of the day:

“I think the SW organization had a wonderful application. I wish every municipality demonstrated the kind of community support that the SW demonstrated.”
– Stephen Marks, PP, AICP, Board Secretary, Hudson County Division of Planning

Continue reading for prior updates:

Planning Board to discuss Parks Ordinance

8/4/2008 Update:

This time it’s for real… the Planning Board meets Tuesday, August 5th at 7pm to discuss and consider the proposed Parks Ordinance that would protect several properties designated in the Master Plan for open and recreational space. This parks ordinance has been drafted by Hoboken Southwest Parks Coalition in conjunction with the Parks Committee of the City Council, and has frozen a developer’s proposal to place a 10-story high-rise on the site of the proposed Block 11 portion of the Southwest Park.

Awaiting Planner’s Report

The Planning Board did not take up the issue last month in part because their planner Eileen Banyra had not yet written up a report with her opinion of the ordinance. According to City Community Development Director Fred Bado the report was supposed to be completed by today and delivered to members of the Planning Board for their consideration. Bado refused to supply the report to members of the public until AFTER the Planning Board sees it, making it very difficult for the public to rebut the document at the meeting Tuesday night.

Big crowd needed to support parks

Though the council is in favor of moving the ordinance forward Mayor David Roberts is not supportive. Roberts still prefers the original “Heyer Gruel” high-rise plan for Southwest Hoboken, which includes a small “park” on top of a parking garage rooftop. Members of the well-connected Hoboken real estate developer/land speculator community are likely to be out in force to oppose this parks plan, so a big crowd of parks and recreation supporters will be needed to counteract their influence on the Planning Board.

The meeting begins at 7pm at City Hall downstairs in the basement meeting room. Enter at Newark Street. Hopefully there will be a quorum of Planning Board members to hold the meeting. More on the Planning Board Problems here: https://hoboken411.com/archives/7191.

HSPC Alert:

Planning Board to meet on Parks Zoning Ordinance
7/1/2008 Update:


Important Planning Board Meeting Tuesday July 1st, 7:00 PM

Hoboken could move another step closer to securing land designated for parks at a Planning Board meeting Tuesday night. The Planning Board will review a proposed ordinance to zone several properties designated in the Master Plan for open and recreational space. This parks ordinance has been drafted by Hoboken Southwest Parks Coalition in conjunction with the Parks Committee of the City Council. If approved, the law would protect proposed parkland including the area now known as SW6 and the Henkel/Cognis site uptown.

Please Attend: The public is needed to encourage the Planning Board to support the parks ordinance!

Developers and land speculators are likely to attend the Planning Board meeting to convince the board to scuttle the ordinance. They would prefer that high-rise buildings (like the one proposed for Block 11) be built on these sites. They have already built condo towers on other Master Plan parks sites, such as the MetroStop building now under construction. The time is now to protect these proposed parks. A crowd is needed to show support for the ordinance. Please attend.

Ordinance Delays Block 11 High-Rise Hearing

Thanks to the park zoning ordinance prepared by HSPC, the attorney for the Zoning Board advised them to delay action on the Block 11 high rise until at least September. With a new ordinance now under review following the city council’s unanimous vote, the attorney felt it would be appropriate to wait until the Planning Board and City Council gets through its process. The Planning Board is made up of Mayoral appointees who do not answer to the council, so there is a risk they could try and defeat the ordinance. A crowd of parks supporters is needed to encourage the board to approve it.

Once the Planning Board takes action the ordinance will return to the City Council for a second reading, public hearing, and final vote. The Planning Board meets at 7pm in the downstairs meeting room at City Hall.

Council Unanimously Supports SW6 Park

6/12/2008 Update:

hoboken-sw6-flier.gifThe message last night from the Hoboken City Council was loud, clear and unanimous: Block 11 should be a park, not a triangular cluster of high-rise buildings.

It was standing room only as speaker after speaker rose in favor of two resolutions and one ordinance on the need for new parks and an action plan to get them. An ordinance drafted by members of the Hoboken Southwest Parks Coalition in conjunction with the council’s Parks Committee was approved on first reading and referred to the Planning Board for its review. The ordinance would zone several properties designated in the Master Plan’s parks plan as open space. The intention is to acquire properties designated in the Master Plan for parks, including the area now known as SW6 and the Henkel/Cognis site uptown.

Council members Mike Russo and Nino Giacchi sponsored the ordinance, while Russo and Council President Terry Castellano sponsored the resolution calling on the administration to hire one of the appraisal firms that answered a request for qualifications to do appraisals of the land value of the properties in the proposed park areas. A third resolution sponsored by Dawn Zimmer and Peter Cunningham called for the city to immediately open up a dialog with the owners of properties on Block 11 with the intent to buy them out.

Throughout the debate the developer seeking variances to build a 10-story tower on Block 11 was in the audience with his attorney and architect, but said nothing during the hearing. The council wanted to send a message of their intentions to the Zoning Board of Adjustment, which will hear the developer’s plea for variances beginning next Tuesday night. Whether the ZBA and the Hoboken Historical Museum Board (which signed on with the developer to accept space in the building as a community giveback) will heed the will of the council is unknown. If last night’s crowd is any indication, the house will be packed objectors at the ZBA hearing next week.

Parks Committee Moves SW6 Action Plan Forward

6/10/2008 Update:

On Monday night the Parks and Recreation committee of the Hoboken City Council met to discuss legislation designed to move the SW6 Action Plan to create a six acre park forward in Southwest Hoboken. The Hoboken Southwest Parks Coalition has been working closely with the council to draft legislation designed to move the SW6 Concept Plan for a Greener, Greater Hoboken to a reality.

Parks Committee Chairman Nino Giacchi and 3rd ward Councilman Michael Russo are co-sponsoring an ordinance amending Hoboken’s zoning law to establish special districts specifically for public open and recreational space. In addition to establishing zoning for existing parks so that they may be protected in the future, this ordinance identifies all the blocks and lots in Southwest Hoboken identified in the City Master Plan and SW6 Action Plan as zoned for parks. This includes portions of Blocks 9, 10, 11, 12 and 14, as well as lots better known as the “Cognis Site” in the 5th ward.


In addition, Councilman Russo and Council President Theresa Castellano have sponsored a resolution calling on the administration to hire approved vendors to appraise the properties names in the SW6 proposal. Last February the administration put out a request for proposals for these services as directed by a City Council resolution. Though proposals were received, the administration has yet to hire the professionals to do the appraisals, which are needed as the city seeks grant funding for the parkland.

The parks committee made up of Giacchi, Russo, and 5th ward councilman Peter Cunningham moved the legislation forward last night so that it will be on the agenda of a special council meeting tomorrow at 7pm at City Hall. The council will be asked to vote in favor of the Appraisal Resolution, which would take effect immediately, and the Park Zoning Ordinance, which would be the subject of Planning Board review. Following that review there would be a second reading and public hearing on the ordinance at a yet-to-be-determined City Council meeting.

These HSPC-derived legislative action items have been in the works for several months, and are the latest in a series of efforts designed to bring the entire SW6 Action Plan to fruition. In addition to the HSPC items, a resolution from 4th ward councilwoman Dawn Zimmer will also be considered at Wednesday’s special meeting calling on Mayor David Roberts and Community Development Director Fred Bado to attempt to negotiate an agreement to acquire Block 11, which is the subject of a Zoning Board application for variances to allow the construction of a 10 story high rise. For more on SW6 visit HobokenSPC.org and for more on Block 11 visit SaveBlock11.com.

HSPC funding application to acquire parkland gains unanimous support of Hoboken City Council!
2/25/2008 Update:

From the Hoboken Southwest Parks Coalition:

hoboken-sw6-flier.gif“The effort to build a 6 acre park in Southwest Hoboken took a big step forward February 20, 2008 as the City Council agreed to place its support behind an application for Hudson County Open Space Trust Fund money to acquire land. Before the vote, HSPC announced 1047 signatures (and counting) have been collected in support of the effort to acquire Block 11. People from throughout Hoboken have signed the petitions, including hundreds from the Sky Club and Harrison Court adjacent to the park proposed in the Master Plan. Thanks to all the volunteers who have been collecting signatures and all those who have taken time to learn more about the effort and sign the petition.

We appreciate the vote of support from each and every member of the council, but additional thanks go to Council President Theresa Castellano for ensuring the resolution was on the agenda for a vote in time to be a part of our application for grant money. Many thanks as well to Councilman and Assemblyman Ruben Ramos, Jr. who as chairman of the council planning and zoning committee has been moving the SW6 action plan forward along with fellow committee members Michael Russo and Beth Mason. Last week Councilman Ramos reminded his colleagues that as they support this parks plan they will need to be ready to use their power of eminent domain to acquire the land needed for this public use.

HSPC is finalizing multiple grant applications to move the SW6 plan forward. Thanks to you for your continued support.”

SW6 Progress Report: action tonight!

2/20/2008 Update:

The Hoboken Southwest Parks Coalition continues to work with the City Council to move the SW6 vision for a greener, greater Hoboken forward. The ongoing battle over Church Square Park and the latest flooding in the first and fourth wards remind us Hoboken needs more open and recreational space and a real flood mitigation plan.


Over the last few weeks HSPC volunteers have been on the streets gathering signatures urging the city to develop the six-acre park outlined in the Master Plan. This petition drive has been organized to support applications for grant money to be used to acquire and develop the proposed open and recreational park space.


Council Considers Park Funding Resolution

Tonight the City Council will be asked to pass a resolution authorizing the submission of an application to Hudson County for money from the Open Space Trust Fund to be used to acquire land for the southwest park. The resolution requests $3,000,000 from the county to get the ball rolling. This will be the first application for grant money, but not the last. The SW6 action plan outlines a variety of funding sources for both the open space and flood mitigation components of the plan.

The timing of this application is urgent. The deadline to apply for county open space grant money is fast approaching, and developers are again moving forward with Zoning Board applications to build high-rise condos where the Master Plan calls for a southwest park.

One developer wants to build a 10-story high rise on Block 11 south of SkyClub and west of Harrison Court. HSPC is against this plan to build on a key parcel noted in the Master Plan and SW6 as an ideal location for a future park. If approved, the high-rise will start a domino effect of variance grants for more high-rise buildings where planners have called for parks. HSPC thanks everyone who signed the petition, and looks forward to strong support from the council for this resolution tonight.


Recap of yesterday’s meeting provided by Hoboken Southwest Parks Coalition.

HSPC brought in Peter Bazali of The Weitzman Group, Inc. to explain two proposals he is submitting to the City of Hoboken. The appraisal analysis is a necessary step in acquiring land for park and moving forward with a new SW plan.


Weitzman Group is a boutique real estate consultant firm which has nationwide contracts but 50% of their work is in the NE with a very strong track record in NY and Hudson County. They do more than 200 projects annually and have 15 professionals on staff including appraisers, architects and planners. The principle partner, Marilyn Weitzman, has the highest level of credentials available for appraisal professionals.

The two proposals submitted:

  • Land Marketability Study
    Provides guidelines for price negotiation & value ranges on a per square foot basis by block.
    It analyzes physical characteristics & demographics from a macro perspective.
  • Land Appraisals
    This is much more specific and provides a specific valuation for a parcel. It also provides a sales comparison approach utilizing suitable comps in Hoboken, Jersey City, and the vicinity and is completed in conformance with Appraisal Institute Guidelines.

HSPC is encouraging the council committee to consider The Weitzman Group as the firm to hire to do the SW analysis since this firm is privately owned and independent of any developer, real estate agency, or any political organizations.

The three council members who sit on the Planning & Zoning Committee, Ruben Ramos (chair), Beth Mason, and Mike Russo will continue more detailed discussions with The Weitzman Group. Council person Russo said he would like to put forth a resolution on this issue sooner rather than later since the SW “redevelopment” matter has already been a long drawn out process and time is of the essence when acquiring land.

10/16/07 Recap of 10/15 meeting:

sw6-logo.jpgMembers of the City Council Planning and Zoning committee joined with about 70 other people to learn more about the SW6 action plan last night. The first in a series of meetings covered the underground storm water retention/detention system by Invisible Structures and the concept of creating a LEED-certified neighborhood in southwest Hoboken.

The P&Z committee is made up of Councilman-at-Large Ruben Ramos, 2nd ward Councilwoman Beth Mason, and 3rd ward Councilman Mike Russo. Every other council member (with the exception of Peter Cunningham) attended at least part of the meeting. Some people joked that 5th ward runner-up Perry Belfiore was there as his alternate. Dawn Zimmer was there, as was Chris Campos, who was later joined outside by Gerry McCann and Arnold Williams.

Invisible Structures: Part of the Solution

Graham Gurry of Invisible Structures made it clear from the outset that there is no single answer to all the flooding problems in Hoboken, adding their systems may be “a great contributor to a solution” for storm water management (see more details on Rainstore2 on this thread below, as well as on the Invisible Structures website).

Gurry explained how using the system under a park would lessen the Heat Island Effect in the city, in addition to holding storm water that would otherwise be flooding the streets. He pointed to urban installations in cities like Chicago, and noted it is used under six acres of grass covered parking at the Westfarms Mall in West Hartford, Connecticut. He also noted installations under landscaping at the National Cathedral in Washington, DC and Exit 9 of the NJ Turnpike.

Two Grumpy Freds

While the council members seemed to be interested and in some cases even excited by what they were hearing, two people clearly came ready to shoot daggers at the plan. Both are named Fred. One is North Hudson Sewerage Authority Executive Director Fred Pocci. The other is city Community Development Director Fred Bado. Mr. Bado seemed to still be selling the attributes of the original Heyer Gruel plan for the Southwest, and did not seem interested in a community group’s effort to stand between developers and the Mayor’s office.

Mr. Pocci has often touted his 30 million dollar ejector pump proposal as the means to end Hoboken’s flooding misery. Others, including a wastewater engineer who testified in front of the planning board a few meetings ago, aren’t so convinced. Construction will not begin until sometime next year, and may not be complete until sometime in 2012.

Pocci Punts Plan

People who have seen Pocci face questions about the growing flood problem in Hoboken have criticized him for downplaying the issue. When critics complain it is getting worse he insists it is not, and that his plan will make life in Hoboken “completely different.”

Chris Campos pointed out that it is not “either/or” but “both/and” that can lead to a combined solution. A storm water retention pond under a large park could be used in conjunction with Pocci’s pumps, not separate from them.

Despite Pocci’s defensive stance, nobody called for the NHSA to take money from his pet pump project and spend it on the SW6 concept. Pocci eventually began to warm up to the technology, even noting it should be required under “every surface parking lot in the city.”

First Ward Flooding Update

A resident also followed up on a pledge made by Mayor Roberts at the Legal Beans flood meeting. Pocci was asked if he sent cameras down to check all the sewers and storm drains surrounding in the area of Newark, Park, and Garden. Pocci said they did not send cameras down for the system to be “televised” in that area as the Mayor had said, but that he believed the system to be working properly without obstructions. Check back the next time it rains, and every time until Pocci’s ejector pumps are ready in 2012.

LEED Standards Discussed

The meeting also included a presentation on LEED Standards for Green/Sustainable development. Future meetings are expected to further explore the issues of land acquisition and funding/grants for the project.

SW6 Public Meetings Begin

10/12/2007 Update:

This note from Hoboken Southwest Parks Coalition Founder Sara Stojkovic:

sw6-logo.jpgOn Monday, October 15, the Hoboken City Council’s Planning and Zoning committee will hold a meeting about SW6: A Greener, Greater Hoboken. It will begin at 6pm at the Multi Service Center located at 124 Grand Street.

Due to the overwhelming public interest and support for SW6, the council’s Planning and Zoning committee is allowing the public to attend the meeting and listen to expert presentations about the plan.

Among those expected to attend and speak:

  • A representative from Invisible Structures will discuss the innovative storm water retention technology included in SW6
  • A representative of Cubellis will discuss Sustainable Design and LEED Accreditation for new development in Southwest Hoboken

Representatives of the North Hudson Sewerage Authority will also be on hand for the Planning and Zoning committee discussion.

SW6 is a comprehensive action plan for southwest Hoboken including a six-acre park, flood mitigation, sensible development, and affordable housing. Hoboken Southwest Parks Coalition was founded in December of 2004 as a citizens group dedicated to acquiring open space for future generations.

Dawn Zimmer on SW6

9/21/2007 Update:

Dawn Zimmer posted a response to SW6 and Chris Campos’ communication in the comments section. Portions relevant to this SW6 thread are below. Let’s keep this thread about SW6 from now on and move the back and forth political discussion where it belongs in the Fourth Ward Thread. Thank you.

Dawn Zimmer Said:

“My position all along has been that we need to hire an expert to look at different options, and I am very glad that Hoboken Southwest Parks Coalition has given us a different choice to consider. I want to thank them for their proposal.

In the meantime, I think we desperately need some short-term solutions, and I have been in the process of reaching out to the Police, to potential engineering firms and Stevens Tech., to see if we can come up with some ways to alleviate the flooding NOW. Unlike Mr. Campos, I’ve been out there talking to business owners, and many of them, particularly those in the Housing Authority, are at risk of going out of business if we get one or two more storms like the last one that we had.

FYI: Yesterday Chris held a press conference and said that North Hudson Sewerage and NJ Transit were going to solve the flooding, and apparently didn’t mention his support for the Hoboken SW Parks Plan. Given his full support of the previous 12-story plan, and his funding from developers, one really has to question the credibility of his support for the SW6 plan.

Thanks for listening.

Email: dawnzimmer@gmail.com
Cell: 646.831.4890

9/20/2007 Update:

4th Ward Council Candidate Chris Campos sent a letter of endorsement out for the recently unveiled SW6 plan:


September 20, 2007

Dear Ladies and Gentleman:

I read your comprehensive plan, SW6: A Greener, Greater Hoboken, with great interest.

I am writing to express my strong endorsement of your vision, and should I be fortunate enough to win election as Hoboken’s Fourth Ward Councilman on November 6, I pledge to lend my full support and cooperation with your organization to realize this plan as a member of the Hoboken City Council.

The manner in which you simultaneously address two of the Fourth Ward’s most pressing issues – acquisition of open space and flood abatement – is a true example of visionary thinking combined with a demonstration of technical know-how. I was impressed by your research on the profound economic impact that the revival of Bryant Park had on its immediate neighborhood in New York City. However, I was particularly struck by your research into modular subsurface water detention/retention/harvesting systems and their suitability for a park in the southwest area of Hoboken.

I would welcome the opportunity to discuss your plan in more detail, as well as ways in which we can begin laying the groundwork to implement the straightforward, yet vast action steps that begin on page 17 of your plan. I can be reached any time at (201) 267-0594.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Chris Campos


The Hoboken Southwest Parks Coalition unveiled their proposal for the creation of an exciting new community in southwest Hoboken. The thoroughly researched 60 page report “SW6 — a Greener, Greater Hoboken” (PDF here) was presented to the City Council as a roadmap for sensible development, flood mitigation, and the 6 acre park proposed in the Hoboken Master Plan.

The Goals


  • Acquire 6+ acres of land to be developed as multi-use, active and passive park space for the benefit of a broad spectrum of residents throughout the city.
  • Create a water collection, detention/retention system to alleviate flooding that begins downtown and backs up throughout the city.
  • Build a community based plan for the Southwest Redevelopment area that is founded on sound economic and environmental principles.

Retaining what we love about Hoboken

sw-playground-hoboken-sm.jpgSW6 includes mixed use buildings that retain the light, airy openness of Hoboken at a very human scale. A historically restored My-T-Fine Building would be the centerpiece of the development zone, anchoring a lively, vital new community that includes residential and non-residential projects.

Market rate and affordable rental and for-sale housing will stand alongside office space, shopping, service-oriented retail, dining and galleries in SW6. The entire neighborhood could reap the benefits of the establishment of Southwest Hoboken as a LEED certified “Green Development Zone”.

A Southwest Plan that makes sense

The planners hired by the city to draft the Southwest Redevelopment Plan recommended canyons of high rise condos surrounding a small, passive park on top of a parking garage. No solutions were offered to fix the flooding that only seems to be getting worse. The Heyer Gruel plan also ignored the call in the Hoboken Master Plan to calm traffic that cuts through the area.

SW6 includes a comprehensive proposal to alleviate the flooding through proven, innovative technology that will retain flood water below a beautiful park, instead of mixing it with raw sewage to wade through on our streets. The SW6 plan utilizes watershed storage technology already in use at The Pentagon and Houston’s Reliant Stadium. See an informational video about the technology below:

Taking Action: Making it Happen

The SW6 report is not just a dream. It is an action plan that lays out the steps to appraise the property, finance and acquire the park land, establish a public process, and execute the vision for a greener, greater Hoboken. Hoboken Southwest Parks Coalition presented the city with documents that list the technologies, strategies, and professional resources to move the plan forward.

As the designated “redevelopment agency” for Hoboken, the City Council has special powers and authority to set high standards in a redevelopment area. Rather than settle for what has been offered so far, SW6 takes a big picture view of how this diamond-in-the-rough can truly become Hoboken’s next great neighborhood.

See the original Southwest Parks Redevelopment post here.


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Tuesday, June 16, 2009 3:17 pm

I’m still laughing that people think this will ever happen. Only a matter of time until someone starts building on “the park” again. We’ll all watch from the new SWPark steak house

Red Haven
Red Haven
Tuesday, June 16, 2009 1:46 pm

Great news! A half-million dollar grant is nothing to sneeze at. Congrats to HSPC for getting us another step closer to a new park!

Hopefully the new council will avoid partisan sniping and will instead work with the Mayor-elect to make this park a reality. This will mean bringing all the stakeholders together and putting a cohesive plan of action in place to make this area Hoboken’s next great neighborhood.

Politics has gotten in the way of action here for too long. A dedicated few have kept this dream alive, and it’s time for ALL of our elected officials to make it happen.

Friday, February 6, 2009 3:39 pm

As much as I would like to see a park there, I don’t think it is going to happen with this method. The County could care less about Hoboken. The other problem, is that the public is not informed about the true cost of a 6 acre park. The costs can easily exceed $60 Million Dollars, not to mention years of litigation. There are only three ways to get this park done. 1) Raise money through private donations, from charitable people and Corporations and Public Grants. Than use Eminent Domain to take the property away from it’s existing owners. 2) Bond for $60 Million. Than use eminent Domain 3) Make a deal with the remaining property owners and developers to have them pay for it. Still, Eminent Domain will have to be used if some private property owners refuse to sell. Look, all three of the above are very difficult. Raising donations will be very difficult in this financial environment. Bonding will result in increased Taxes which is also a very sore point with our residents. Making a deal with developers will also be very difficult, due to the current market and the fact that they would need excessive height (to make a profit and pay for such give backs) that local residents would not want to give up. I am just trying to be honest with you. The best shot of getting this park was probably that 4 acre deal that was almost achieved a few years ago. Not… Read more »

Red Haven
Red Haven
Friday, February 6, 2009 10:59 am

[quote]Councilwoman Beth Mason was the only elected official from Hoboken who also attended the conference.[/quote]

Nice to know who is really fighting for new park space in Hoboken with actions to go along with their words. I shouldn’t be surprised. Beth Mason has been fighting for a better Hoboken for over 20 years.

Thank you Councilwoman Mason.

Friday, February 6, 2009 10:16 am

There is no such thing as a “certified LEED appraisal firm.”

Firms can say that they have a LEED AP on staff, but since neither the U.S. Green Building Council nor the Green Building Certification Institute certifies companies, the term “LEED Accredited firm” would be prohibited for use. The LEED AP credential is not associated with the employer, only with the individual who has passed a LEED AP exam.

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