Marc McBarron Kessler Live!

Stripe Writer Marc McBarron Kessler an excellent performer

As many of you know – Hoboken411 regularly features Marc McBarron Kessler’s inspiring “zine’s” called The Stripe Writer. He’s an excellent artist, story-teller and great person in general.

He’s also a phenomenal musician and singer as well – and we had the opportunity to see him perform in the city earlier this summer, and it was quite fantastic. A room full of happy people!

We filmed the show – which was practically auto-biographical; a time line of his sorrows, worries, high-points, fears – and most of all, how he learned, grew and blossomed as an individual.

Told almost like chapters in his own history book – it was honestly very difficult to pick one song in general here, because it’d be out of context. But he closed the show with a happy song that we’d like to share with you here.

Enjoy “You are are a Star!”

The Brooklyn Diaries – Marc McBarron Kessler

Marc’s next show is tomorrow at Don’t Tell Mama on Restaurant Row in NYC at 4pm. Call (212)757-0788 for reservations. It was sold out until recently – but they got bumped to the bigger stage at this venue – so there might be a handful of seats left. $10 cover (2 drink minimum).

Brooklyn Diaries Marc McBarron Kessler - Marc McBarron Kessler Live!

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Friday, August 17, 2012 3:57 pm

This is a beautiful song. I wish MMK lot of luck!

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