Suitable for framing

Some Hoboken cloud shots only last a few seconds

With all this stormy summer weather we’ve been having, there is definitely no shortage of cool Hoboken weather photos.

I caught this great shot the other day over at Elysian Park with Hoboken411 Mascot Oscar.

The air was so humid, and this bunch of fluffy clouds was expanding rapidly like a steam pipe. In less than a minute, they faded away to oblivion.

What I found particularly great about this shot, was the way the sun was reflecting – and while I normally despise power lines in any photo, they happened to frame and divide the shot perfectly. So I even made this into a poster suitable for framing in my apartment (email me if you’d like to do the same.)

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One of the more interesting images I’ve seen on this site. Good use of post-processing. Not sure I agree about the wires tho. This town is utterly festooned with them, which is a shame.