Suit filed against Zimmer bloggers

Hoboken411 Exclusive: The ENTIRE Zimmer Blogger Lawsuit

8/15/2012 Update:

Hoboken411 has obtained the 35-page lawsuit filed by the Bajardi family against Zoning Board Member Nancy Pincus and Roman Brice.

In it, attorneys document page after page of defamatory statements designed to harm the Bajardis, destroy their reputation and livelihood, break up their family and drive them out of Hoboken. This is exactly why Hoboken411 is proud to have in place a carefully managed comment policy which other (hundred-million dollar losing) corporate copy-cat sites fail miserably at.

Zimmer bloggers sued in Hoboken NJ - Suit filed against Zimmer bloggers

Pincus: Call DYFS on the Bajardis

At the heart of the lawsuit is Nancy Pincus’ repeated attacks on two people she’s never even met: Lane and Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi. This appointed city official repeatedly encourages people to anonymously call the NJ State Division of Youth and Family Services to have the Bajardis’ 3-year old son forcibly removed from their home. Their sin? She thinks (wrongly) that they’re blogging on AOL Patch against the Mayor’s interests.

“Curious Kim Cardinal and gettheledout44 Bajardi… What kind of parents are you?… You could care less about your own kid… Your hared [sic] of the mayor is more important than him. You 2 suck as parents. Somebody call DYFUS [sic]. The kid would be better off being raised by wolves. Poor thing.”

– Nancy Pincus on AOL Patch, 1/27/2012

In filing the suit, the Bajardis are prepared to swear under oath that they do not anonymously post comments on Patch under any screen names including CuriousGal, prosbus, gettheledout44 and the others Pincus, Roman Brice and others have assigned to them. There are several posts like this in the suit, and many more on AOL Patch.

“The Curious Cardinal MOTHER hates the mayor more than she looks after the welfare of her own child… This poor kid. Won’t somebody call DYFUS? (sic) He’d be better off being raised by wolves.”

– Nancy Pincus on AOL Patch, 1/27/2012

In addition to Pincus’ call to have the state take their son, another commenter “ThisMeansWar” reacts to Pincus by posting threats against the Bajardis’ child.

“Now what about your child? Have either of you losers EVER thought about the damage you are doing to him?… he will be the kid who is KNOWN the second he walks through the doors of ANY schools (sic) as the progeny of two hateful people… You are digging and (sic) awful hole for that child. Fairly or not he will be punished for the sins of the father. And mother. Stop thinking about how badly you want to hurt everyone associated with Zimmer and reform, and start thinking about how BADLY you are hurting your own child.”

– ThisMeansWar on AOL Patch, 3/4/2012

The Bajardis are asking the court to subpoena AOL Patch to identify ThisMeansWar and other screen names in an effort to protect their child. Pincus has blogged she has always wanted to shoot someone. Her use of gun violence analogies on her blog was the subject of a Hoboken Police Department investigation.

The suit includes Pincus’ public statements that Lane Bajardi is corrupt, was held in a holding cell by the FBI and is wanted in connection with a “Data Theft Ring” operated from City Hall. She and Brice also make some of the same false statements about Hoboken411. Bajardi categorically denies the claims, and many others in the suit. Pincus (and others) also repeatedly call on people to call the IRS anonymous tip line to report the Bajardis on false tax evasion charges. The list goes on and on, and each charge is refuted point by point in the 35-page legal document.

Hoboken New Jersey Zoning ZBA member Nancy Pincus wants to shoot people - Suit filed against Zimmer bloggers

Pincus tries to get Bajardi fired

On her blog, on Patch and in email messages to his employer, Pincus attempted to get Bajardi fired by making false charges of bigotry and anti-Semitism against him. Bajardi, by the way, is Jewish, and stood up to Pincus’ Nazi-themed blog attacks. An excerpt from Pincus’s letter to Bajardi’s employer is included in the suit:

“Lane Bajardi is a hyper-partisan political operative who blogs under the screen name ‘prosbus’, and is now fomenting anti-semitism in his latest effort to smear Hoboken’s Jewish mayor, Dawn Zimmer… As a well-known political blogger in Hoboken, I will be asking my community to reject Mr. Bajardi and his hate-mongering. I don’t think your advertisers will appreciate a voice on your airwaves actively engaged in spreading bigotry and intolerance in the Hoboken community…. Here are (2) of Mr. Bajardi’s posts attached.”

– Nancy Pincus email to Lane Bajardi’s employer at 1010 WINS radio.

The lawsuit states when Pincus was asked by the employer for any proof what she wrote was true, she produced NONE.

Pincus admits malice toward Bajardi

The suit notes Pincus has actually publicly admitted she holds malice toward Bajardi.

“Nothing I do is personal. Or intentionally cruel. (Except for Mason and Bajardi – and I freely admit it.)”

– Pincus on Grafix Avenger blog post, 6/11/2011

There is much, much more in the lawsuit, and several well-known Hoboken figures are mentioned. It’s worth your time to read more than just what certain people with an agenda want you to see, or a few excerpts in a newspaper report. Makes you wonder what else the Mayor and her assigned soldiers are doing behind the scenes.

Read it here for yourself.

Hoboken Residents Stand Up Against Zimmer Bloggers


You most likely missed this, since only about 20 people in Hoboken get involved in the minutiae of local daily politics, but The Political Insider column, written by Augie Torres, revealed that two local residents are standing up to Mayor Dawn Zimmer’s cult of personality:

“I can’t end this column without mentioning the $2 million lawsuit Hoboken activist Lane Bajardi and his wife, Kimberly Cardinal Bajardi, filed against Nancy Pincus, a Zoning Board member … and a bunch of John Does. According to court papers, the complaint is that Lane Bajardi is made to look like he is an anti-Semitic political operative and FBI informant who engages in tax evasion.”

Zimmer bloggers sued in Hoboken NJ - Suit filed against Zimmer bloggers

“There was a comment by Pincus on a Jan. 26, 2012 local blog story urging state officials to investigate the couple, saying their child “would be better off being raised by wolves,” according to the court documents. The subject of the online post was Mayor Dawn Zimmer’s State of the City address.

The Bajardis call the comments “false and defamatory.”

When a reporter talked to blogger Roman Brice about the lawsuit, the first thing Brice, aka “Da Horsey,” demanded to know was how the reporter acquired the filed papers. He wanted to know if it was “Augie.”

Et tu Roman. I did hear from sources that the effort to serve papers on the blogger is worthy of a “Bourne” movie.

A jury trial is being requested in this civil case. This would be entertainment.”

More on this story as it develops…

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Judges have pressures at lower court levels to close cases quickly. This does not make it an invalid case. Zimmer and her allies lose regularly on appeal. Both Brice and Pincus, did act is reckless disregard.


The case was tossed by the judge.


I believe the defense is that the vicious personal attacks were all a joke. The author who sits or sat on a Hoboken board claims it was in the name of satire.

She also claims he is a public figure therefore he and his wife and child are fair game.

NancyP posted this:

I don’t Know where things stand with this. Anyone?


I’m greatly anticipating Lane’s day in court for the outrageous harassment he and his family have been put through. His appearance at council meeting shocked Zimmer”s followers into silence with his truth about her policies, judgement, and hypocrisy under the guise of being a “reformer”. He’s seen the deceit with her intentions of just ridding the “old guard” and replacing it with her “new guard” which was more deceitful, costly, and hateful, than any administration in this City’s history. And now with her council majority followers, the city adopted measurements where the public doesn’t even have to be advised of settlements made by lawsuits under the amount of a certain large settlement. It’s all done and settled behind closed door policy. I guess it’s become a habitual embarrassment for any more claims filed to be made public. I don’t even care to imagine what this is costing , but it’s a situation that should outrage any taxpayer in this costly city to live. According to Brice and Pincus, people who disagree with Zimmer’s policies are labeled as anti-semitic, and then attacked on their blogs. I wonder what the word would be for people like them that “constantly” support the mayor’s policies only for the fact that she IS Jewish and despise anyone who disagrees with her or her policies?


We are getting closer to holding the actual source of damage through “cat’s paw” principal’s. Hope it can protect soon in cases like this. The forum ( and email) senseless harassment and defamation by Zimmer aligned factions continues.