City Diner – revived?



1/5/2009 Update:

City Diner Back from the dead?

This location at 20 Hudson Place, which went from “America’s Most Wanted” Cosmetics Store – to “almost” City Diner – to “Doomed Realtor of the Week” Cupo Real Estate, seems to be poised to become a diner again “with a twist.”

Mike Acciardi, the owner of Teak and Lana Lounge, indicated plans to revitalize City Diner again – with added “Italian flair.”

We knew one of the owners of Hoboken Pizza (good pizza sauce, btw) was looking for another spot somewhere in town. Instead, will partner with Acciardi to offer up a different menu for late-night revelers in Hoboken.

With most of the equipment already installed, they’re hoping to open sometime in February or March (depending on who you know in town).

Will they finally get this place off the ground? If so, how will they hold up in today’s economy?


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1/24/2008 Update:

Wonder why the much-anticipated City Diner is taking so long to open?

Word on the street is that the folks over at Teak had a change of heart over running a 24 hour diner, and the establishment is for sale (quite possibly already sold.)

Hmmm… Is this a new trend? Flipping restaurants?

11/20/2007 Update:

The sign debacle is finally over.

The new City Diner sign is up, replacing the cheesy lighted sign that went up briefly on the restaurant. The old sign was taken down after Hoboken Historic District Commission chair Theresa Castellano reached out to the owner to remind him the diner was in the Historic District. That means they have to go to the historic commission for approval of sign design. They took the old sign down and came up with this one.


10/23/2007 Update:

Work is progressing nicely at the upcoming City Diner. Much of the interior is completed, along with the three 58″ LCD televisions. Dave (one of the owners) said many people are coming up to him in recent weeks to inquire about the new 24 hour restaurant. “A lot of folks are pleased to have another choice to choose from besides the Spa”. He went on to say that some people are worried that the modern decor automatically means “expensive”, but that’s definitely not the case. “We plan on offering affordable food options, lunch specials and generally delicious “comfort food”…” He emphasized several times that the food will be “cheap”. We certainly hope so.

No firm date as to when they’ll open, as several items are left to do, including hiring a chef (who they’re interviewing today), and final inspections. As far as what sign will go above the awning, he’s still undecided, but they’re leaning towards some kind of “Open 24/7” type message.

Look for them to open some time in November. Fresh squeezed juice, rotisserie chicken, and ice cream sundaes are on my radar already.



10/15/2007 Update:

As we already know, the sign was removed recently. It was not “approved” by the Historic Preservation Committee, due to the size of the lettering, which was supposed to be 1′ or less. I spoke with Councilwoman Theresa Castellano this weekend, and she said “they knew better, shame on them!”

However, after speaking with the owners, they’ve re-designed the sign for compliance, and added a black awning to match Teak which was recently approved, and the sign will be going back up eventually (if not already- haven’t been there in a few days).

Regardless, I heard that the diner may not be able to open this month, as it’s possible it will more like the end of November. Dang. Want to try their burgers and fries!


Exterior renovation complete. Should be closer to opening in a few weeks.


9/20/2007 Update:

Here are some interior progress photos of Hoboken’s upcoming City Diner. They plan to be open “no later than by the end of October, probably sooner”. It will be a “clean, chic, funky” diner, with “good food at good prices”. With seating expected to be around 70-75 people, they’ll offer standard diner fare, along with great desserts, fresh squeezed juices and smoothies, too.


The new 24-hour “City Diner” is coming soon to Hoboken, next door to (and the same owners as) Teak on the Hudson.

With the quality of our diners at next to suicidal levels, I’d say it’s a safe bet that this place will probably be the best in Hoboken. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a reason to go to a Hoboken diner other than because you’re drunk and nothing else is open? I can’t wait for the day I’ll say “I want something tasty to eat! Let’s go to a Hoboken Diner!”

Had taken a picture a month ago but it got lost. How do you lose a digital photo anyway? Well, I found it. It was in my sock drawer.

Here’s the lost pic.

Description: Diner. Any further explanation required might be unnecessary.
Address: 20 Hudson Place, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: TBD
Web: TBD

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#152: You got a point there.


It’s just roaches. That was part of the charm.


Schaefer’s was awesome. It also was filthy. My ex-roommate used to own a store in town. We would have dinner in Schaefer’s after he closed for the evening. We just finished dinner one evening. Two roaches come crawling across our table. I stood up on the seat. I started screaming. We never went in there again.


also extremely filthy (shaefers)


Teak use to be Shaefers diner years ago. It was awsome!!