Smokeless Image to become AltSmoke in Hoboken, NJ

For those of you that were wondering if the electronic cigarette store at 8th & Washington was doomed, fear not. Smokeless Image is re-branding into an AltSmoke store.

Construction has been going on for a few weeks, and is expected to be done very soon.

The store is under the same ownership. Apparently the old name must have had too many syllables. If “AltSmoke” also falters, we hear the next name on the list will simply be “Puff.”

Smokeless image to become AltSmoke in Hoboken NJ - AltSmoke

Description: AltSmoke. Electronic Cigarettes, supplies and refills. Formerly Smokeless Image.
Address: 736 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: 877.MAX.VAPOR (629-8276)

Smokeless Image – Hoboken, NJ – 736 Washington St.

August 2012:

Taking the place of the doomed Serenity Boutique at 736 Washington St. is Smokeless Image – a company that sells electronic “vapor” cigarettes.

They sell various kits ranging from “newbie” starter kits, to decked out colors, and super-deluxe packages with extended batteries and longer draws. Their claim to fame is the patented atomizer that allows for easier draws.

I witnessed these in action, and they seem to have an amazing amount of “smoke” (the nicotine infused vapors) than other brands.

In addition to the kits, they also sell 15 different flavored “oils” that can be used to refill the cigarettes.

Soft opening now, and a grand opening is planned in the upcoming weeks. A seating area in the back with flat TV, so patrons can sample the various products before purchase.

This is not a franchise, but owned in full by the Smokeless Image corporation.

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Thursday, August 9, 2012 4:20 pm

Interesting – is their POINT that they help people stop smoking?

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