Zita Keeley’s Wine School


Starting in less than two weeks is Zita Keeley’s Wine School.

Zita, who runs “All I do is Wine“, is starting this six week informative and enjoyable course on Monday, October 6, 2008 over at Hudson Tavern (14th & Hudson).


She says:

“I am very excited to be able to bring my wine classes to Hoboken!

We’ll be running Zita Keeley’s Wine School 6 week program starting on Monday October 6th at the Hudson Tavern on 14th & Hudson. Classes run from 7:30-9:00PM on Monday nights ..so the dates are Oct 6, 13, 20, 27 Nov 3 & 10 These classes are for all aspiring wine enthusiasts and will be informal and fun. You will learn how to better appreciate wine, how to buy wine, order in restaurants, how to pair food and wine and much more!

You must register now to reserve your place. Cost is $350 for all 6 sessions and you can make up any class you miss at future sessions.. free..

You can email me at Zita@allidoiswine.com or go to my website www.allidoiswine.com/wineschool where you can download the registration form. Please hurry.. time is ticking.. we want this to be a great success for Hoboken.. Thanks and pass the word along!

You’ll learn the following during the the two-hour weekly sessions:

  • How to taste wine – learning the “5 S’s”
  • The differences in wine styles
  • How to choose wine with confidence
  • How to read a restaurant wine list
  • How to buy, store and serve wine
  • How to pair wine with food
  • Mostly… How to ENJOY wine!

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I wanted to share a great wine I found on sale at A&P last week.

Hob Nob Pinot Noir (think it was an 07). I usually sample all the sale wines here with the hope of finding that needle in a haystack. I think I found it!

It cost around 15 bucks normally but purchased it last Sunday for 10 as a backup on my way to a friends house for dinner.

Good Stuff!! I wonder how this ladies “wine school” went?



If you enjoy wine and are interested in experiencing and learning more, I am aspiring to develop a Hoboken Chapter of “Young Winos”. This chapter is based on the original Young Winos of LA (youngwinos.com if you would like to read up).

This social group is intend to serve as a forum to both try and discuss a variety of wines. Each week the group will have a new varietal “theme” whereby you will bring one bottle of that week’s wine to the meeting [no additional costs involved :)]. The “educational” portion is then left to understanding the by-the-book distinctions associated with that selection of wine, followed by the members sharing their personal input and any expertise.

The proposition is this:

Meetings: Weekly, in the evening
Who: A small group (10-12) of those in the 21+ and 30’s
Venue: Possibly any of Hoboken’s fine BYOB’s or a private residence
What to bring: Your beautiful smile and a bottle of that week’s wine of choice (i.e. Riesling, Pinot Noir, Port, ect)

If this strikes your palate’s fancy, send me an email at youngwinosofhoboken@gmail.com and include you name, favorite wine(s), which days of the week you are available and if you may ever be able to host a meeting in your home.



Just goes to show people’s there is always a way to make money and if god forbid I lose my job in this financial crisis, I will start a business, “I all do is drink Vodka” and teach you all the art of mixology and how to be a Vodka “enthusiast/lush”.

WTF?? 🙂

In the meantime here is a little something for you future hopeful enthusiasts.



Bring over a six-pack and I’ll show you how to drink beer. :mrgreen:


For 350 bucks I will walk into Sparrow ask for some suggestions and buy some good wine. If people have not figured out the proper etiquette of drinking wine, pick up a book on your way out.

Or some better advice to people, use this money and invest in yourself whether it be a gym membership, 6 yoga lessons (probably more…), hobbies, whatever.

I just hate people who capitalize off the weak minded in a ploy to teach them “sophistication”.

Come meet me at Brass Rail on Thursday, I will teach people wine for free.