The Stripe Writer – Issue 18

Issue 18 of Marc McBarron Kessler’s “Stripe Writer”

For your enjoyment, the latest Marc McBarron Kessler “Stripe Writer” Zine!

Enjoy Issue #18 below! (For best experience, use a tablet, and don’t forget to lock your screen so you can rotate!)

And check out the history behind The Stripe Writer here if you’re wondering how this came to be on Hoboken411…

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012 4:35 pm

An excellent new edition – a nourishing mix of wisdom and story.

I enjoyed reading about the last performance of your new musical, “The Brooklyn Diaries”. I can’t wait for the new performance later this month! You mentioned last week that you had written some new surprises – can’t wait!

(I have been singing “One Amazing Thing” every minute of every day and I’ve only heard it once. Looking forward to watch you “paint a poem across the sky”.)

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