Hoboken Police & Fire Blotter: 8/1/2012

Hoboken crime and fire action: August 1, 2012

Hoboken NJ Police Blotter Wednesday 2012 Q3

  • 10:15pm: Asthma attack near Spa H near the Mumford Concert. EMS en route. There was an air-quality alert issued for tonight. I bet they didn’t have an “app” for that. Hope they’re OK!
  • 10:10pm: Hoboken PD is dealing with traffic congestion and dense pedestrian herds. Par for the course when 15,000 people pack a couple acres in the corner of a mile square city.
  • 10:01pm: An individual in need of medical attention – passed out near the porto-johns at Pier A Park. “People just walking over him,” according to Hoboken PD.
  • This evening: The Mumford & Sons concert went pretty well all things considered – with the exception of some “pass outs,” from both heat exhaustion and alcohol, not bad at all. Fans were pissed though, the beer lines allowed only one per person, which caused a log jam – and they stopped selling at 9pm. Concert ended at 10pm with a fireworks show.

More updates to come…

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